Sunday, 24 July 2011

Christian Fanatic kills Norwegian youths for Israel!

Above: The suspect Anders Brevik

On friday several innocents were harmed in a bomb attack on the offices of the Norwegian Prime Minister, as he is a supporter of multiculturalism I saw this as legitimate. I then heard news of an attack on the Socialist Youth Camp in Utouya (correct me if I mispelled it) there were over 80 young Norwegians killed, mostly Aryans. This disgusted me and put the attack on the Norwegian Prime Minister in perspective.

The Norwegian government support an independent Palestine and want to establish a Palestinian embassy in Oslo. I have also heard talk of a declaration of war against Israel being considered, purely in spirit  might add. Thus we see the bite marks of the vipers.

The suspect is a Freemason who considers himself a modern 'Templar' a crusader against Islam, a Zionist Christian! While I sympathise with the idea of resisting the attepts by some to establish a European Caliphate, the idea of a Europe ruled by conservative Christians under the thumb of world Jewry sickens me no end.

This is a clear message, to all who support Palestine in their war against the murderous Khazars, to all who fight to defend White Europe, To all who oppose Marxism. Resist and you will be attacked. Thus the pretense of western democracy is shattered, Israel is at war with Europe just as it is at war with the middle east. Thus I say to you reading this whoever you be:
How do YOU respond?