Friday, 21 October 2011

Gadaffi dead, Israel wins...

Yesterday an enemy of Israel died. Trying to escape the clutches of international capitalism, in much the same way that the Tippoo of Mysore died fleeing the encroaching 'British' trade empire. Gaddaffi was dragged out of a drain by subhuman mercenaries as he tried to flee the town of Sirte and wounded fatally by them.
He was found with his son Mutassim who was captured alongside him and who was later killed in captivity.

Gadaffi though sometimes seen as a tyrant was a man of great knowledge of international politics and an opponent of the murderous state of Israel. This along with his determination to trade oil in a currency other than the dying US dollar are the main reasons that a rebellion was stirred in this country by Mossad agents paying criminal scum to undermine the state.

 Gadaffi injured moments before death, surrounded by semi-human vermin.

What is more Libya borders Egypt, the site of the first noticably large revolt of the Arab spring. The site of a rebellion that replaced the relatively pro-Israel Mubarak with opponents much less sympathetic to the murder of their co-religionists. Egypt now has a large hostile neighbour who may well find themselves host to a US military base or similar which upon any move to reclaim the lands of the slain and expelled will be met with billions of US taxpayers worth of violence.

The war continues and the events of yesterday were a coup for the proponents of Zionist violence across the globe and for the opportunists who will pay tiny sums for Libya's lucrative oil.

The video at the top of this article demonstrates the calibre of this man whose death was all but ordered by western political parasites.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Today is a wonderful day for all who wish to see a world free from Israeli terrorism. Today four hundred and seventy seven Arab freedom fighters were released in exchange for a single Jewish conscript. Hamas with the help of the Egyptian government have once again shown the people of Palestine that they are the ones that will lead the fight against the murderous Israeli regime.

On top of today's triumph a further 550 prisoners are to be released next month, a deal that I can't help but feel the serpent will try and worm its way out of.

The majority of the released prisoners are experienced fighting men, and one hopes that Israels giving in to their peoples public feeling will prove to be a painful mistake. Hundreds of men determined to free their people from the snakes hold can only be positive for the fight against a state determined to murder its way to global political domination.

Politics aside, today is a happy day for the families of these men and women and I hope that the reunions of men and women with their spouses, their parents and their children are occasions of great joy for all. Their is precious little happiness for the people of Gaza afterall.