Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Im 30. Januar 1933...


 Achtzig Jahre seit dem Sieg der Nationalsozialisten in Deutschland, 30 Januar 1933. Hitler war das Licht in der Dunkelheit, die gewachsen ist und unsere Welt umhüllt, und dem Ende von allem, wird er der Retter geworden. Trinken sie einem Toast heute Abend auf der edlen Wolf, der unsere feind der Stiele, jede Bewegung und Aktion.

Forgive me my foray into the tongue of our Teutonic brothers and sisters but considering the day and the victory of the man and movement it commemorates, I feel it appropriate. I feel also that I must write about the significance of the National Socialist victory against the forces of Jewish-International-Bolshevism, now commonly referred to as Globalism and what it means for us today.

Since 1815 the forces of international finance had become increasingly stronger, the rise of the Rothschilds and their like had seen to it that usury, manipulation and subversion were the order of the day. The days when benevolence and charity were a factor in the flow of money were long gone. The brutal four year war that rocked Europe, left Britain and France as the dominating powers of Europe, both bought by international capital and keen to suppress their erstwhile rival, Germany. Germany having been betrayed by the ideological brothers of the international financiers, the Marxists, lay at the mercy of the powers it had stood steadfastly against but months earlier, and those powers were found to be fully geared towards spite. 

Under the terms of the treaty of Versailles, Germany was reduced to a mere shadow of itself, hyperinflation saw to it that many died of cold and starvation, there was rebellion after rebellion by those who has fought for their fatherland in the trenches and now fought for her in the streets and by opportunists who sought to further cripple their country and hand her over to the Internationalists piece by piece. But amongst this madness and death, a war hero, a Gefreiter (that is a Corporal) who was several times wounded and twice decorated with Germany's highest honour, the Iron Cross, preached a message of salvation through will and determination. he preached that Germany could cast loose the chains of Globalist parasitism and restore what was lost in the 14-18 war.

In dark times it took but one man and the ancient symbol of the Hooked Cross, commonly referred to as the Swastika or the Fylfot, to rally his people against their all-powerful tormentors. Unfortunately for Germany and for Europe, those same forces used their allies in the East to prosecute a devastating war that destroyed any hope Europe had for salvation, and that man was but one of millions of brave men, women and innocents to die in a war to consolidate Globalist power. Ever since, the nations of the West have sacrificed their sovereignty, borders, industry and lands to satisfy the greed of it's financiers and political class.

And now, eighty years later we see a Europe crippled by debt slavery (and Africa and the America's also!) false science, lies and guilt used to tax the poor and benefit the already wealthy. People are shipped from nation to nation, the young are left unemployed and lowly paid if not and the streets of Europe no longer bear any semblance to their former selves. The nations of southern Europe are now crippled almost entirely by the debts taken on by their treacherous leaders and owed to the 'German', 'British' and 'American' (the ethnicities of their presidents of benefactors can be left to research) banks, in Greece especially Hitler's message is now finding further ground, perhaps it may be their salvation.

The significance for us is that we now find ourselves in increasingly darker times where freedom of speech is suppressed, outright lies are the order of the political day, the people are increasingly poorer and unemployed, surveillance of civilians is commonplace and to all seeing eyes and hearing ears the puppet governments of international finance are becoming more tyrannical and erratic by the day, furthermore to those with a keen perception, threads of fate are weaving a different pattern, things are turning.

Keep safe and enjoy good health,

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