Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I imagine those few who read this blog, though few are wondering why I do not post here often.

You could say that my relationship with technology is similar to my relationship with bubbly 18 year old blondes, I am obsessed with both and neither obliges me very often.
Presently I find my two laptops unwilling to comply with any remote command, my powerful one due to the cost cutting in even the better saleable products and the second due to my autistic clumsiness and my love of carbonated drinks. Presently I must write via a smartphone and it is for times like this I am glad I bought it.

Presently I find myself engrossed in Tolkein's Sigurd and Gudrun, an English reworking of the Lay of the Volsungs and the Lay of Gudrun. In typical Tolkein fashion it is a work of brilliance and quite unexpectedly an essential read for those who feel the call of the blood.

Particularly of interest to me was the wording of a particular stanza of the lay of the volsungs when a prophecy was spake:

If in day of doom, one deathless stands,
Who death hath tasted, and dies no more,
The Serpent-Slayer, Seed of Odin,
Then all shall not end, nor Earth Perish

The stanza refers to Sigurd of course, but it still made me think. As a man who knows Odin watches over him, who has seen the face of the allfather with my own eyes it makes me ponder my place in history and why I felt drawn to the name.
Why did I take the name, SerpentSlayer?
I knew full well what the serpent represented when I took the name, I knew of the world serpent and what it represented, but I knew not who was fated to slay it, nor the greatness required of such a man.
I find myself in a quandry, unable to openly accept that I could possibly be an incarnation of Sigurd, nor that I can abandon my resolve to do everything in my power to revive the Aryan race and destroy the wicked forces that threaten to destroy us.
For that reason I do not feel that I can abandon the name, SerpentSlayer, I was fated to take it I feel. For what purpose I know not, perhaps I shall be a hero in the coming esoteric struggle, perhaps I will fail, perhaps I will aid the one who truly deserves to bear the name. Who knows.
As it is, even though typing is hard I feel compelled to air my thoughts. I know that I am one of Odin's chosen if not the one his chosen wait for in Valhöll. The steely grey of my eyes betrays this openly and the nobility of my soul perseveres as it always shall, I know the allfather has a plan for me.

We all know the world is at an interesting point in it's history and I hope to explore the particular happenings of the present in closer detail soon.

Hail Odin!


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Die Schwarze Sonne Scheint!

A few weeks back I submitted this article to Max Musson of the popular Nationalist website, Western Spring. I wrote it specifically at his request. But inkeeping with the character of a man whose sole concern seems to be the amassing of wealth in order to undertake unrealistic objectives requiring resources and comrades of wealth and integrity in numbers we are unlikely to see before the cataclysm, he shied away from posting it without giving any reason. He likely thought my article unimportant, incendiary or simply contrary to his ideas of Nationalists multiplying in number finding wealth from nowhere and pleasantly twiddling their thumbs while the rest of the nation collapses and we are left miraculously untouched. The time may have passed for this articles immediate relevance, or it may not depending on how things go for Pravy Sektor but here you go:

In the beginning the protests in Ukraine baffled us all I imagine. I am sure most of us were familiar with the George Soros' backed Orange revolution of 2004 and knew of Ukraine and its people long being used as the gameboard and pieces of the mutual antipathy felt by Russia and the EU. The sight of the circle of twelve white stars on royal blue flown by crowds of Ukrainians, will have had the same effect on you as it had on me, utter revulsion.
I had consigned the whole thing to the compartment of my mind containing the Norwegian sheeple singing a pro-multiculturalism chorus in response to being called brainwashed idiots and Manchester United signing Fellaini, but the events of the past few days have led me to do more reading on the matter however. The trade deals offered by the Russians and the EU were the start of these protests last year, undoubtedly agents of the Jewish Global domination played a part in inciting public protest against the rejection of the EU's wondersful in the short-term offers and a slap up meal today for ten years of poverty never fails to entice the enthusiasm of a crowd. But remarkably the bulk of these protests took place in Western Ukraine.
Historically Western Ukraine  has, since the Jewish Bolshevik revolution, been a bastion of Ukrainian Nationalism. It was here that men like Stepan Bandera and the men of the 14th SS Division "Galician" were drawn from, who stood against the Communists and suffered heavily at their hands. Strange then that the region would have such strong support for the EU then, you would think.
Across Europe, the people who wake up in the morning, switch on the TV, perhaps have a little bit of breakfast before heading off to work, talking about last night's TV, perhaps the football, working at various levels of effort to fill the coffers of wealthy Capitalists, being rewarded with fiat money to buy new television sets, new Nike trainers and sugar heavy foods and going home for a night of television, tutting at the news and physical and mental laxity, see only the easy rewards as the ones worth having. Comfort for themselves and their families are the only pressing concern and the Panem et Circenses that keep them in chains are their only strong devotions.
As a result all of Europe, including the Ukraine is currently under the spell of Jewish lie merchants and has only an interest in financial comfort, trinketry and flashing screens filled with poison directed at the heart of their race. So it makes sense that most in Ukraine, even Western Ukraine the people are happy to be used as pawns of the political elites of the West, so long as it fills their bowls in the short run. But the point of this article is not to lambast the "sheep" of Europe, the masses of our race and likely the majority of future Europeans in a free and Aryan Europe.
What spurred me to read into the Ukraine, it's history and the reasons for the protests, were the sight of the Celtic Cross on the shields of the protesters who were throwing Molotov cocktails at the police of the Ukrainian ZOG. It seems like those whose motivations are flimsy are easily pushed aside by those who have the love of their race at their hearts and a brick ready to be thrown in their hands.
In the past two weeks, it has been Ukrainian Nationalists who have been organising the increasingly violent protests against the Ukrainian police and it's Jewish-Muscovite supporting government. As you can read in this article http://europeanmediacentre.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/nationalist-revolution-in-ukraine-nationalists-currently-winning-the-battle/ the protests have been repurposed into an open revolt against Jewish control of European nations and an attempt at National Liberation by our Ukrainian comrades. This should be exciting news for all of us.
Amongst the men that stood against Jewish Bolschevism during the last war were, Germans, Danes, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Italians, Swedes, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, Estonian, English, Dutch, Latvians, Russians, Albanians, Irish, Flemish, Wallonians, Norwegians, Croatians and Belarussians, all Europeans, all Aryans and all comrades.
But yet, worryingly, so far there has been little in the way of pan-European co-operation. There have been alliances of political parties, handshakes between officials and the occasional guest speaker but so far the ghost of the heroic Waffen SS, and the idea of a European people united against Jewish tyranny has remained uninvoked and dormant, ever waiting for Europe's future heroes to take up the Hakenkreuz banner once more.
What we are hearing off today in the Ukraine may well be the opportunity for that ghost of Pan-European warrior brotherhood to be revived and I urge the British Nationalist community to organise and prepare to help our comrades in the Ukraine. I urge all fit, healthy European Nationalist men of military age to consider our duty towards our Ukrainian comrades and that should open warfare exist between Ukrainian Nationalists and the Jewish puppet regime governing Ukraine, to consider that to be a declaration of war between all European Nationalists and the Jewish puppet governments across Europe and to reenforce our fighting men wherever they are the most active and strong.
As it stands the men of Ukraine have seized the initiative and have reportedly amassed stocks of weapons http://world.time.com/2014/02/04/ukraine-dmitri-yarosh-kiev/ in preparation for the coming conflict. We do not have an Adolf Hitler to lead us, nor do we have uniforms, tanks and aircraft but we have brave men prepared to fight for the fate of the Aryan race and we owe it to them to stand by their sides. I urge those of us who can to do everything in their power to forge links with our Ukrainian comrades, and prepare the way for the arrival of British Nationalists into a future conflict there. Our older men have the means but not the fitness to fight, our young have little to no means and are plenty healthy and willing to. We all have our part and I hope this article has encouraged everybody to think about theirs.

Heil Hitler!