Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Third Place for Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, placed third in France's presidential election on Sunday.
The results came in on Sunday of the first round of the French fifth republic's presidential elections (the two leading candidates face off in the second round for the presidency).
For the first time in the modern history of the French Republic, the current incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy came second to his main establishment rival Francois Hollande.

Our modern day maid of Orleans, received a total of 17.9% of the vote. Monsieur Hollande received 28.6% and the shifty midget Sarkozy received 27.1%. Effectively I find it amazing how poorly Sarkozy did, I blame my own failure to do more in depth study on the matter. I assumed his attempts to piggy back off of public anger would bear more fruit. I suppose I mis-underestimated Hollande and the foolishness of the French public.

I don not leave this matter disheartened greatly though, our heroine managed an excellent vote. She managed to even beat her father's record of 16.86% during the first round of 2002's election, which saw him face off against President Chirac in the second round.
You may think this a technicality, another victory for Globalism now two establishment candidates face each other in the next round. There is room for optimism however.

The FN will be contesting the Assembly elections later this year and hopefully will gain representation, the last time round of all the parties that gained no representatives, the FN had the highest vote.

Also, as a former supporter of the British National Party I know full well how hard Nationalist movements struggle while governed by populist right wing candidates (the decline of the FN in 1979, the decline of the BNP post 2010) because, unfortunately many who vote for nationalist candidates fail to understand the distinction between genuine patriotism and the hollow flag waving of globalist, pro-immigration, pro-war for oil politicians of the establishment.

Luckily for us, the left are always slow to play such a stratagem. While the centre-right will cry and wave the tricolour while singing 'Le Marseillaise', in order to gain votes, the centre-left represent establishment politicians who absolutely abhor their host country and would never even consider trying to appeal to French patriots.

For the FN and whoever leads them in five years time, I think this means that after five years of pseudo-communist misrule, the FN will find itself with a massive potential field of support, so long as they ensure that the UMP and the other centre-right parties remain unpopular. My recommendation would be to poach members and to cause disruption in the UMP's ranks while they have the opportunity (in keeping with the law of course).

Other events await to be played out this year of course, the US presidential election (the republican primaries leave only establishment Romney and libertarian Ron Paul) along with the potential disturbance of the Olympic games, I'm not alone in worrying about the increased security and the murmurs amongst certain groups that believe their could be a major incident. My money would be on a strike from a foreign power, but who knows?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Political Correctness

The below is an article on politcal correctness, the rest of this article explains why poltical correctness is held as sacred by the establishment (the rest of this blog post I posted as a comment on this page, I felt I may as well use this on here)

The article makes a good point. I feel I have more insight though. The political correctness of today largely relates to 'not offending minorities', whether they are sexual, racial, ability or whatever else. Political correctness of course is a way of controlling speech to fit in with the establishment ideology, the most sacred part of that ideology being a belief in the equality of all humans.

This ideology is inconsistent though, the article mentioned the current fear americans have of using the term 'black' to refer to Americans with black skin, and how the term for people of white skin, 'white' is bandied around without trouble.
Therein lies the inconsistency, there are protected groups within this ideology of equality.

These protected groups are actively encouraged by the media and some dubious characters to be offended by practically anything that can be interpreted as not being in line with this ideology.
Whether it is a crude insult or simply suggesting that most people (even members of some of the protected groups) find homosexuality to be disgusting.

The establishment dislikes any deviation from their ideology, you can be a homosexual black man and still piss them off by merely saying the wrong word.
Total compliance is the least that is expected from us. In short 'political correctness' is the attack dog of an enemy we once thought defeated. When the Berlin wall fell, we thought Communism had died.
In truth the ideology had adapted and ditched it's blatant obsession with economic equality, man was too attached to his nation, to his people, to his family. While these attachments existed, Communism in it's purest form could not spread.
The Frankfurt School that emerged in 1920s Germany relocated with th rise of National Socialism to America. By the time of the fall of the Berlin wall, the seed had not only been planted, but was in full bloom.

Thanks for reading.