Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rabbi calls on international Jews to pray for the destruction of Iran.

From Haaretz- www.haaretz.com

Personally I think it is Israel's best bet. I've been away a while, apparently all that Olympics stuff is supposed to happen in October, let's hope it doesn't eh but I'll keep on soldiering either way.

I've been wondering what to post about for a few days when I stumbled upon this. There isn't much to the story beyond the headline but give it a read. Anyway the reason I feel that this is important is that it gives me the perfect opportunity to make a point. This Rabbi calls upon Jews everywhere to pray for the destruction of Iran, a fallacy based on the idea that Israel is the rightful homeland of the Jews and that Israel exists to serve Jews everywhere.

In truth Israel has no scriptural backing, and these Jewish-types LOVE their scriptures* let us not forget. Supposedly 'Israel' should only be reborn after their Messiah returns and since they rejected that rather nice but very likely insane Jesus chap, Israel has nothing to do with Judaism. If anything Israel is a pragmatic attempt to coordinate the activities of Jews worldwide, to serve the very people that have given Jews a bad name for centuries, that is the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and so on.

The Middle East is essential to the world empire of Globalists, Jew, Christian and Muslim alike (Pagans of any stripe are rarely involved) it is the basis of their economic chicanery, the idea that oil is a greatly important commodity. Just hours after NATO forces landed in Libya, oil companies with investors in the British Cabinet were already taking the stuff away in tankers. Iraq was invaded because it wanted to sell the stuff in Euros (thus harming the power of the US Dollar and tipping the economic balance away from these money-men) Libya had similar ideas. Without oil and the mythology attached to the printed and digital 'money' that wealthy Globalists hoard and launder across the globe, these money-men have no power. Without it the military machine doesn't work, the propaganda comes to a stand still, once loyal Globalist politicians suddenly become more independent minded.

Israel exists to destabilise, divide and eventually conquer the middle east, for these very interests. Until such time as that happens, countries like Iran offer the world hope that these charlatans can be brought to justice. I intend to focus more on related topics in coming posts, especially the individuals involved and the illusion of control implemented by these very people.

SerpentSlayer out.

*When I say Jewish Scriptures I often refer to all of that Christian and Muslim, "All powerful sky Djinn" stuff too.

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