Monday, 24 December 2012

Varg Vikernes speaks...

The following is an article taken with permission from and written by Varg Vikernes, a man I and most likely the All-father Woden hold in high esteem. It is a brilliant article and I recommend reading it through.

War in Europe: Part VI - Regarding Adam Lanza and His Tribe

There are many websites and magazines dedicated to conspiracy theories out there and one thing that strikes me when I investigate this subject is how these websites and magazines consequently mix obviously ludicrous conspiracy theories with well founded conspiracy theories. They e. g. write about David Icke's claim that Dinosauroid-like Alien Reptiles are dominating the World and the claim that history as presented to us is full of lies in the same tone, as if both these theories fall into the same category. They talk about Americans wearing tin-foil hats to receive signals from aliens and historians who argue that something is amiss in the official history in the same tone, as if they fall into the same category.

They do indeed also speak about well founded conspiracy theories, and they have to, because these theories are out there and they are indeed well founded – and everyone with a sharp mind and some knowledge who does some investigation will come to the same conclusion. The only thing they can do to undermine these theories is to list them alongside the ludicrous theories – most of them probably created for this purpose. If you are given a list with 100 conspiracy theories and only 2 or 3 of them are real, then you are unlikely to ever find and study the real theories. You can only stomach a few of the ludicrous theories before you probably grow tired and find something else to worry about instead. They achieve what they want; you don't get to know of the real conspiracies in our world and you will automatically think of them as nonsense if you ever hear about them in the future. It seems as if they want to make sure that they can completely undermine any alternative theory in the public view simply by labelling it as a conspiracy theory. If it is we must of course all automatically think of it as wrong, and outright ridicules, and pay no more attention to it. End of story.

One of the theories that is given the least attention is of course the theory that Jews are trying to exterminate the European race. It is as far as I have seen only ever presented as part of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which of course is a conspiracy theory that has been ridiculed and attacked for ages now. This is probably a conspiracy theory that most of us already think we know for sure is bogus.

Interestingly, if you actually study "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" you will find that the Jews have done and is doing almost exactly what this books claims they did and would do. You will also find that most of the editions of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" published after the war have been heavily censored and abbreviated. You even have to look hard just to find a copy of the whole book. They present to us evidence that "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a hoax, that it was really based on a satiric play and written by an Imperial Russian intelligence officer to discredit the Jews (who were busy assassinating Russian nobles, blowing up their children with bombs and such, as part of the Jewish Nihilist movement [yet another Jewish terrorist movement] in Russia at the time [the late 19th century], to set the stage for their Bolshevik coup d'état), and of course it is impossible for us today to know whether this is true or not. But this is really irrelevant, because we can judge the book from its contents. If it makes sense, if it presents the facts as we can perceive them and if it is likely we can only come to the conclusion that it must be real; that whoever wrote this book had found the truth about the Jews and their sinister plans! If it is not real then it must have been written by a prophet with divine gifts, who were able to foresee all these things decades before they happened. Now, what is more likely, that some human being (perhaps a very smart Russian investigator?) found out about their plans and warned his contemporaries with a book/report, or that some by the Heavens gifted man with prophetic abilities wrote it for some inexplicable reason?

Today we are bombarded with accusations and ridicule by the mere mention of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", but those who accuse and ridicule us have probably never even seen a copy of this book themselves. They just parrot what others have said before them, and do what good slaves are supposed to do. They obediently do what they have been programmed to do (as "magically foreseen" in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"). Those who have the brains and guts to think for themselves will be disarmed the moment they Google it, and find the lists of utterly idiotic theories placed in the same category ("conspiracy theories"), and the vast majority of these good and honest men and women will cower and give up before they even find a full copy of the book themselves.

There are other real anti-European conspiracies known to us, but at least one of them is even illegal to discuss, but I can tell that Jews in the SSSR claimed that "6 million Jews" had been exterminated by the Germans in the 30ies, in other words before the war had even started. Well, Jews actually claimed this several times before the war, in 1919 and in 1921, as well as in 1938. Why did they claim this? And why 6 million every time? We all know it is false, even those of us who believe the Germans exterminated 6 million Jews during the war, but why did they claim this in 1919, 1921 and 1938 as well? What did they know that the rest of the world didn't know, if they – as official history claims – knew before it happened that Germany would exterminate 6 million Jews? What if they would have claimed this no matter what the Germans actually did or did not do to the Jews, because it was a part of their plan?

Alas! We are truly blue-eyed. We are so trustworthy, naïve and good that we are unable to see and indeed believe that the Jews can be that deceitful, cruel and sinister. We would never do to anyone what they do to us and others, and we erroneously think they are like us, so we cannot make ourselves believe or indeed fathom that they would do something like that either. The fact is that they do, they have always done, and they are not like us!

The porn industry is Jewish and designed to break down European morals and sense of honour. The banking system is Jewish and designed to turn us into debt slaves. Feminism is Jewish and designed to reduce the number of children born by European mothers. Capitalism is Jewish and designed to cultivate greed and egoism in Europeans. Socialism is Jewish and designed to break down the tribal and racial identity of Europeans. Christianity is Jewish and designed to destroy our traditions and values. Fashion is Jewish and designed to reduce the fertility of European women and increase the chance for them to (if they ever do) procreate with men from other human races. And so forth. The list of genocidal "programs" they have working is very long, and they are all working to fulfil their goal to exterminate us.

Now, the question many naturally have is of course why? Why on Earth would they want to exterminate us? The answer is simply because we – the brave, skilled, creative, inventive, intelligent and honourable Europeans – stand in their way of world domination. We are the exact opposite of Jews; we are honest, kind and racially healthy, we object to injustice and cruelty, and we think lying and greed are bad things, and so forth. We would not have allowed their rule, and we are much stronger than them! They on the other hand have always been slavers, money-lenders and assassins, full of deceit, cruelty, greed and dishonesty, and they have cultivated these horrible traits through their Satanic religion. For 3000 years they even demanded that in order to become a Jew you had to kill an innocent child (usually through stoning). Those of them who refused, because they thought it was wrong and immoral, were themselves stoned to death (for "blasphemy", as this had been ordered by Jehovah, their demonic anti-god). Now, after 3000 years of this practise they had pretty effectively weeded out any genes for goodness, so to speak, in their cult, and they were left with a group of thoroughly rotten, cruel and bloodthirsty individuals. The Jews we know today descend from these Satanic anti-humans, and they continue a form of this practise today (in a manner too disgusting and despicable to discuss here), as expressed in different ways by Jews like Adam Lanza and Jeffrey Epstein, and a whole long list of others too (who of course are always presented to us by the Jewish-controlled media as "white men"), and this of course explains not only why they want to exterminate us, but also why they are so over-represented in every criminal or in other ways immoral activity and business in this world; in illegal drug trafficking, in slavery and human trafficking, in illegal organ smuggling, in weapons smuggling, in the banking system, in professional assassinations (like Murder Inc.), in child massacres, in politics, in the porn industry, in paedophile rings, in prostitution, and in all other criminal and repulsive activities. Israel itself is the spider in the web of organised crime all over the world! And I dare say; of course it is. Israel is their safe haven.

To those who still think fondly of the Jews, and list all their scientific awards to prove just how wonderful they are, and perhaps even to prove that they are better than us (being "god's chosen people" and all), I can only say that this is nonsense. The fact that Jews hand each other awards, like Nobel prizes, is in no way proof that they are in any way superior to us. This is a part of their deceitful plan, and you are a fool if you think they are any better than us. They have e. g. infiltrated all the Nobel institutions, so I am today actually more surprised when a non-Jew achieves a Nobel award than I am when a Jew receives one. They cultivate their positive image, amongst other things by handing each other prestigious awards, as part of their deceitful plan, but if you investigate this further (and doing so automatically become labelled an "anti-Semite", of course, losing your job and social standing and everything in the process) you will find that behind this screen there is only deceit, treachery and lies. The "brilliant" Albert Einstein, presented to us as the Jewish science Messiah (like Jesus was presented to us as the Jewish religion Messiah, Freud was the Jewish psychology Messiah, Rosa Luxemburg the Jewish feminism Messiah, Karl Marx the Jewish socialism Messiah, and so forth), is known for his Theory of Relativity – but the fact is that this is not even his theory! He stole the entire theory from a European, a Frenchman, Henri Poincaré. When you investigate this further you find that the Jews honoured with awards (of course by other Jews and/or their lackeys) have most often stolen "their" ideas (of course from Europeans) or they have received awards for absolute nonsense, everything to make the Jewish mongrel race of criminals look good to the public. This is all a part of their very effective lie-propaganda. The truth is that there are thousands of Europeans with brilliant ideas who, if they don't end up having their theories stolen by some Jew, are never allowed to develop their ideas, who never receive any awards or even any attention, because they are European. The most obvious and perhaps best evidence supporting what I say here is of course Hitler's Germany, who threw out the Jews and because of that within 12 years became the most scientifically advanced nation in the world! Although slightly improved (by Germans), the rocket science of today is basically the same as it was in 1945. German scientists also proved the connection between smoking and lung cancer even before the war, something the Jews didn't let us know until the late 70ies (80ies?) (when they were forced to accept it, simply because they weren't able to keep it a secret any longer). They wanted us to die from lung cancer, and they wanted to make money on selling us this poison as well, so they suppressed the "Nazi" science warning us about smoking. You would be surprised if you knew just how much European science has been suppressed by them and their lackeys, because it could not be implemented into their plan to exterminate us, because it could not be used in any way by them to achieve their goals. Needless to say all race science has been completely ignored, banned and ridiculed. They want none of that. E. g. they don't want us to know that diabetes was known as "the Jew-disease", and that it is a result of hybridization (with the metabolism of different races in conflict in the same body). The more race mixed you are, the more likely you are to get diabetes. The Jews being the most race mixed breed in the world naturally suffers greatly from this, and Israel suffers more than any other nation. The "epidemic" of diabetes we see in Europe today is naturally a result of this too; race mixing and immigration of race mixed individuals. Very few Europeans suffer from this. (NB! I can add that you don't have to be race mixed to get diabetes, and you don't have to get it either if you are race mixed.) This is in any case something they don't want us to know. It conflicts with their plan to finish us off using (amongst other means) race mixing.

With all this considered we are left with only one conclusion; we are at war. Europe is under siege! Our European race is currently being exterminated in a genocide that has been going on for 2000 years, and many Europeans (both Christians and Socialists and other internationalists too) participate in this genocide. We don't recognize their means of aggression, because they – deceit and treachery – are alien to us, but we are under attack. Europe is at war! Defend Europe before it is too late!

I have to stress too that Islam and Muslims are not the main threat to us. They are just a means used by Jews (who let them into Europe in the first place) to mongrelize us and finish us off as a race, and not least to make us fight for the Jews in their criminal wars. Our true enemy is the Jews! Never forget that!

You are all free to print, publish, use and distribute, translate and quote this article wherever and in any way you want. Only through the enlightenment of other Europeans (wherever they live) can we prevail – and know that we will prevail. We always do. Light always prevails over darkness.
Varg Vikernes
Bergen 14.12.2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

Apocalypse? This is just the start!

I had been hoping to post on this earlier but it being winter, I have been spending my time in books and enjoying the town I live in as much as possible, enjoying the cafés, the people, the early twilights, the festive feel.

There has been much ado about the Mayan Calendar and the foreboding surrounding 'apocalypse' theories, I would like to clear this up right now by saying that this is nonsense, even the Mayan acknowledge that this is not some Christian type apocalypse. I blame Christian and Jewish media sensationalists for spreading this myth, because it does not fit in with their linear view of time. For the Mayans this is the transitioning of their calendar from one age to another, it is to us Europeans the end of the age of Pisces and as the famous song goes, the dawning of the age of Aquarius!

A Millenia ago, the Mayans were visited by a man they named Quetzalcoatl, a blonde haired, blue eyed and tall man of great wisdom, a poet and healer, who foretold this and his own return sometime around now, either this October or now and a great change in the world order culminating in many deaths. I choose to entertain the myth of Quetzalcoatl for obvious reasons, this man either was one of the old gods of Asgard/Osyeard, or an emissary and priest send to do their work and plant the seed of this myth, in full knowledge that similar myths may not survive in Europe (with the Heathens being on the back foot around 1000ad) whether Quetzalcoatl, Woden, Tyr, Baldr or whoever it was returns in physical form is not important.

What is necessary if that the worldview and understanding of Pre-Christian, Pre-Jewish, Pre-Islam thinking returns to us. Man was once aware of the cycles of the stars and planets, of the essence contained in the belief of the gods, that has been washed away by narrow minded dogma, a reliance on small books to understand a much greater universe. We must rediscover our old ways, old gods and love of our people above a universalist, jealous god, who incites his followers to wage war on those who do not follow him and even each other.

It is especially important that we Europeans rediscover our ancient ways, for long has a race once known as the 'Axe-people' been comfortable to kneel and close palms hoping their troubles will allay, hating their own bodies for being a reminder of the original sin and for considering women to be lesser than men for it, long have we held unnatural views about venerating the weak and the cowardly and even worse for venerating so-called 'chosen people' of that same god and allowing them to guilt us out of gold, land and even our own blood.

If mankind is to become at one with himself, comfortable with his family, nature and the spirits of his ancestors for guides, then he must abandon the Abrahamic view of the world. Mankind is not sinful, he is a wonder in all his forms, part of nature, yet separate, caring of nature and yet able to look it in the eye while healthy and take what he needs from it, he is intelligent, strong, cunning and brave, capable of love and hatred. To allow ancient doctrines based on the whim of a handful of people to enslave an entire species would be the biggest 'sin' anyone of us could commit.

Honour the gods, Honour the soil, Honour your people. It really is as simple as that.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pax Judaica

Palestinians celebrate an end of hostilities, presstvir

The US has been very keen to help Egypt push through an end to hostilities in Gaza, but do not ever think for a moment that this is due to humanitarian concerns for the people of Gaza. Israel will never end it's attempts to subdue the Arabs, whether it is murder by military force or by the use of bulldozer to destroy non-Jewish settlements, the Israeli's will not allow the screams of dying civilians to deter their attempts to fulfil two thousand years of wishful thinking and arrogance towards the people they sociopathically term as cattle.

This peace will not spare the inhabitants of the spoiled child's next desired patch of land, he will still have his pound of flesh (or several tonnes of it, at that!).To use the small Jewish population of a land to facilitate a mass invasion of Jewish people into a land, murder and displace the population for decades, all the while appealing to the world for help and victim-status, shows the mindset of a people, cultivated by the few, to perpetrate atrocities without remorse or conscience, they do not truly want peace, they still have land and properties they feel entitled to.

Egypt, who have brokered this peace either because they are fearful of the Americans, too unprepared to launch an invasion into Gaza or not wanting to start a wider conflict, have unwittingly allowed Israel the breather and time for appraisal I believe it sincerely needs after the volume of resistance levelled at it by it's brave denizens. For the Arab people to overcome the interlopers, constant pressure must be applied, militarily, socially and politically, for only through mass demonstrations and military resistance will Palestine's neighbours be forced to intervene on their side. If Israel continues it's slow path of destruction and colonisation, increment by increment, no help will come, the years will pass and the native inhabitants of Palestine and it's neighbours will be subdued, displaced and bred out (or massacred) of existence, having no part in the Jewish myth of the Levant being their and only their holy land.

I hope however that those Palestinians and their allies who have been fighting, those who have lost loved ones and especially those who have lost everything, use this time to rest and rebuild, to mourn and recollect. While the interests of the world elite are threatening all of us, Palestine has the almost unique distinction of facing it's most aggressive manifestation head-on, while we Europeans suffer Social Marxism and the slow disintegration of our people, the people of Palestine face bullets and bombs, theirs, through no fault of their own is the burden of opposing the Rothschildian puppet state of Israel in asymmetrical warfare and I wish them the best of health through this dreadful time.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Cowardly Murder of a Heroic Man

Ahmed Jabari, 2iC of  Hamas

The death of Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari in an Israeli drone strike is but the start of more conflict between Israel and it's neighbours I feel. Mr. Jabari was an excellent military leader, credited with winning the battle of Gaza and seizing the Gaza strip from the appeasers Fatah, a victory which has allowed increased resistance against Israel and may be the first link in a chain that leads to the eventual end of the Jewish occupation of Palestine, possession of that bit of land may buy Iran and it's allies time, perhaps allowing Russia to stall for even more time before Israeli puppets launch a strike on Iran.

As we all know Israel is gearing up for a strike on Iran under the pretence of the Iranians developing nuclear weapons (which Israel unofficially has but refuses to have them inspected, US president John F. Kennedy is rumoured to have requested to do in 1963) and it makes sense that the Israelis would want to destroy the last remnants of the original population who still pose a threat to Israel's ownership of the Levant.

I do hope, however that Hamas, Hezbollah and the other groups seeking to defend the last Arab held territories in Palestine put up a valiant defence and circumstances allow them to do so. The Israeli's have tons of western gear given to them in military aid by the U.S and it's allies, not least the sinister drones that strike from the dark and kill without any chance of retribution. I do not rate the Israeli soldier, their forces are padded out with women and skinny boys like Gilad Shalit, from the start they have fought like cowards, strangling British sentries in the 1940s and shooting women and children at close range with built-for-the-job Uzi Sub-machine guns in the streets of Gaza.

Despite their shortcomings however we all know roughly how this will play out, as always the Zionist state will use the brave men of the nations controlled by it's stooges in the IMF and the like to fight it's wars. More brave European, American and British Commonwealth soldiers will die and suffer wounds to protect Israel from the flames it ignited and has continued to fan from it's inception through relentless attacks on it's neighbours.

Hamas has called for help from neighbouring Egypt, a country up until last year that was run by an Israeli stooge named Mubarak but now finds itself run by the Anti-Israeli Muslim Brotherhood, a sign I hope of the Israeli's hens coming home to roost.


Post Scriptum-  I must point out that while I do not agree with much of what the organisations I express support for believe, a much worse evil plagues the earth, an evil that enslaves people and nations to debt, that ethnically cleanses those that cause it trouble, that I believe has now enveloped the Earth and that resistance against which is seemingly futile. I however know that the Wyrd works in ways that nullify even the most solid logic.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Iran moves elite troops to Syria to quell foreign backed terrorism.

I have great news, for those of you who haven't heard already, the police actions being taken by the Syrian army against a mix of foreign Jihadists, home-grown fanatics and foreign spies has been bolstered by the deployment of Revolutionary Guard commanders to help the Syrian government put an end to the mass disorder  on her streets. Ever since the disruption began it has been clear to all who are not easily fooled that the 'uprising' in Syria (which were accompanied with muted and soon extinguished ones in Iran also) was nothing more than an attempt to further isolate Iran and thus allow Israel, world finance and oil powers to dominate a divided and disorderly middle east.

Much like how the removal of Gadaffi helped to liberate Libya (well it's oil anyway) the west hoped that they would be allowed to plunge Syria into a decade or two of internal strife in order to neuter any assistance they may give Iran, a nation of vast oil resources who oppose the presence of the murdering Zionist state of Israel, who continue to kill their neighbours, absorb millions of US taxpayer's dollars every day and provoke war against their critics near perpetually. The struggle in Syria is not won yet but thanks to Russia and China preventing a UN task force interfering, I think that the threat of a western attack is much less likely, the presence of Iranian troops may just seal the deal.

On other matters, am I the only one sensing a great urgency as the year continues?
There was the possible threat of attack on the Olympics which may have precipitated this but I have heard others less involved in politics feeling the same. Perhaps the threat is not abated, maybe an attack will still happen to justify another mad foreign war, perhaps the floods too. If these happen I hope that the most important prophecy also comes true and the hooded man returns to the forest.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rabbi calls on international Jews to pray for the destruction of Iran.

From Haaretz-

Personally I think it is Israel's best bet. I've been away a while, apparently all that Olympics stuff is supposed to happen in October, let's hope it doesn't eh but I'll keep on soldiering either way.

I've been wondering what to post about for a few days when I stumbled upon this. There isn't much to the story beyond the headline but give it a read. Anyway the reason I feel that this is important is that it gives me the perfect opportunity to make a point. This Rabbi calls upon Jews everywhere to pray for the destruction of Iran, a fallacy based on the idea that Israel is the rightful homeland of the Jews and that Israel exists to serve Jews everywhere.

In truth Israel has no scriptural backing, and these Jewish-types LOVE their scriptures* let us not forget. Supposedly 'Israel' should only be reborn after their Messiah returns and since they rejected that rather nice but very likely insane Jesus chap, Israel has nothing to do with Judaism. If anything Israel is a pragmatic attempt to coordinate the activities of Jews worldwide, to serve the very people that have given Jews a bad name for centuries, that is the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and so on.

The Middle East is essential to the world empire of Globalists, Jew, Christian and Muslim alike (Pagans of any stripe are rarely involved) it is the basis of their economic chicanery, the idea that oil is a greatly important commodity. Just hours after NATO forces landed in Libya, oil companies with investors in the British Cabinet were already taking the stuff away in tankers. Iraq was invaded because it wanted to sell the stuff in Euros (thus harming the power of the US Dollar and tipping the economic balance away from these money-men) Libya had similar ideas. Without oil and the mythology attached to the printed and digital 'money' that wealthy Globalists hoard and launder across the globe, these money-men have no power. Without it the military machine doesn't work, the propaganda comes to a stand still, once loyal Globalist politicians suddenly become more independent minded.

Israel exists to destabilise, divide and eventually conquer the middle east, for these very interests. Until such time as that happens, countries like Iran offer the world hope that these charlatans can be brought to justice. I intend to focus more on related topics in coming posts, especially the individuals involved and the illusion of control implemented by these very people.

SerpentSlayer out.

*When I say Jewish Scriptures I often refer to all of that Christian and Muslim, "All powerful sky Djinn" stuff too.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Games of Slaughter begin.

So it begins, and so far the international craptacular-fest has lived up to my expectations. The opening ceremony last night included a spectacular subversion of British history in which we were shown through the industrial revolution, in which Pakistani's, Orientals and Afro-Carribean were an integral part, if the ceremony is to be believed.

Would Danny Boyle dare make a film about the like of Malcolm X, starring Mel Gibson?

Would he make a film about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, with George Takei as the lead?

I highly doubt either would be considered, in fact the very idea is a joke. Yet casting non-white actors in the role of white characters (fictional and non-fictional) is almost routine.

I watched very little of the whole thing, a deliberate effort, in fact I heard about the blatant historical revisionism before I bothered to watch any of it. The whole thing sickens me, at a time of massive unemployment, a lack of housing, increased illegal immigration, economic crisis and a government riding roughshod over the will of the people, we have this ridiculous politically correct festival of commercialism and international back scratching.

If anybody still thinks that the Olympics are just a sports competition, just take a look at the advertising, the awarding of construction and to security companies that failed to complete their work in the agreed time frame, the planting of missile devices on roofs, the presence of foreign troop sent to guard the games, the corporate sponsorship that forbids people consuming rival brands anywhere near the stadium, the massive fence built near the thing, it is endless. If you have not sensed something being off all ready, you have either been living in a cave or you are pig ignorant.

Just this week Greek athlete Voula Papachristou, was banned from the Greek Olympics team for this supposedly 'racist' joke: "With so many Africans here in Greece, at least the mosquitoes from the West Nile will have lots of home food."

Can anybody find the racism in that statement?

Are there not Africans in Greece?

Are there not mosquitoes in Greece?

She was taken off the team after Communist scum reported her joke, which I believe she made on twitter. Her comments were apparently not in the international spirit of the modern Olympics.

Thankfully Greece is not a land full of block heads. Greece is the land that created the original Olympic games a games where the athletes were beaten if they cheated, where defeat was disgraceful, where all that mattered was physical prowess.All competitors were Greek.
These games existed amongst all ancient Aryan  civilisations. Earlier forms had men and women (competing separately) for the place of king and queen of the tribe or nation involved. These games involved both mental and physical challenges, they are attested to in the myths of all of the branches of the Aryan racial family, from Ireland to Russia, Sumer to Iceland.
The incumbent king was often slaughtered if he failed to successfully defend his crown.

Does this sound like the Olympics was ever intended to be all about Marxist political correctness?

Did the ancient Greeks care if the challenger made slightly racial jokes?

These questions are hypothetical like all the previous ones in this article. Foreigners would not have been allowed to compete and any insult against them would have been taken in good jest. The Olympics has grown from a competition of the physically elite to an exercise in 'Bread and circuses' with a nice amount of money making mixed into it.

Coca-colonisation, Carribeans in Union flag embellished running vests, excessive security and a violent backlash against 'Critical Mass' protesters (who use bicycles to reclaim roads), a revisionist historical genocide of White achievement.

This has been less structured than most of my posts, put it down to sheer disinterest in researching the topic. This pile of Communist horse dung can take a walk for all I care. My sympathy goes to the brave soldiers having to guard this masquerade.

Monday, 2 July 2012

BBC Hatchet Job Evaded!

A few days ago I was invited to take part in an interview by SDMC productions, a small start up production company. I was told it would be about the independent investigation of the 9/11 attacks, the Olympics etc. Little did I know that this company was actually working for the BBC to rush out another hatchet job against people who question the Rothschild's stranglehold on international finance, politics and print and broadcast media.

The most absurd of theories is being used as the basis for this documentary, the idea of an 'alien invasion' at the Olympics, either a staged one or a genuine one! I for one know of nobody who believes this, I have however heard it suggested as an outlandish theory as to what the 'definitive moment' for London mentioned in the Hazledean leak, though as an off-hand comment.

The video I have linked to has a sequel I believe, both are worth watching. Anyway it might surprise you to learn that I kept my appointment, by kept of course I mean  did not cancel it. Instead I gave the crew the run around, playing the 'late card', the 'misinterpretation card' and then the I'm awkward I want the interview here' card. All the while I had a pleasant stroll in Manchester pondering on how easy it was to waste an hour of a camera crew's time.

It seems a little childish but the way I see it is thus, if I had cancelled they would have interviewed somebody else at that time. The production company would send this off to the BBC and it would be edited to make the interviewee look like a maniac. I may have done little good but I thought it better than nothing, I naturally alerted the leader of the local 'truther' movement who had already heard about the true nature of the documentary.

I have been saved a propaganda bullet by this, I may well have done an interview on real issues for a sympathetic and small production company, but the BBC would have made another Icke of me with half the chance and an editing machine. I would like to thank the Cockney ex-patriot who warned me about this!

Interestingly enough it wasn't the first time was asked for an interview, that will only be found out by others if I ever make a mark on history and people are curious enough to want to know.


Thursday, 28 June 2012

A chilling leak

A leak, by an undercover journalist has added weight to my earlier prediction and the many other predictions by various people that there will be a false flag attack against the Olympics:

Edit 04:50 30/06/2012 There is also a video on the matter by Alex Jones that was hacked and made private by unknown forces, as I type it is to be found below:

The article tells of barely vetted staff being trained to evacuate the city and told of masses of Coffins being readied for the games. Foreign troops will be present (in contravention of Magna Carta I believe, something to do with King John bringing in Danes to squash dissent from his Barons) checkpoints are left unguarded and drones are to fly in the sky, staff were shown videos of drones killing insurgents in Afghanistan!

This whole thing stinks, it is in no way definitive proof of a potential false flag to justify tyranny on British soil but it does add weight to the idea. Whether this will happen or not, I urge people to spread word of this, we all know how the twin towers attacks were known to the Yanks before they happened and how they have justified attacks on other countries and on our own civil liberties in the name of fighting the spectre of terrorism. If enough people know, maybe this won't happen, but still prepare for the worst.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Bilderberger lectures EU on the need for white genocide.

Peter Sutherland, Former head of BP, non-exec chairman of Goldman-Sachs and head of the Global forum on migration and 'development', sinister much?

A few years ago, people who mentioned the Bilderberg group were labelled as 'Conspiracy Theorists' and 'Cranks'. The meetings are renowned for there secrecy, people from the world's biggest banks, oil companies and business' rub shoulders with presidents and prime ministers, security is tight. The meetings take place every year in different cities across the globe, security is heavy, until recently the very existence of the meetings was scarcely reported beyond local newspapers.

In this article from the BBC website, we find proof for the claims that Bilderberg manipulates organisations and states for their own interests. This "man" is a former head of one of the worlds biggest oil companies, he currently works for the Goldman Sachs banking company and is known to have attended Bilderberg meetings. This man claims that we need to allow more unskilled immigrants into the UK and the rest of Europe, this during times of austerity and mass unemployment!

There is no good reason to justify mass immigration to European countries, we are already overpopulated and our nations are more socially divided than they have been for a long time.
I will use a personal experience as an example.

Not long ago I was present on a trip to the European Parliament to Brussels. The first two days were spent in parts of Flanders, I visited Ostend and Ypres. Never before have I seen a more ethnically homogeneous and beautiful Aryan place than those two cities. The architecture, people and atmosphere of these places was healthier an urban environ than I have ever experienced and am ever likely to.

These places had an air of magic to them. On the third day, after an early start, we headed to Brussels. Brussels, while it had a few nice monuments in the administrative and business centres, could well have been Manchester, Birmingham or London. The place was far more 'diverse' than the other places I had visited in Belgium, there was litter and graffiti everywhere, the buildings were run down and the place had an air of suspicion and danger to it, as if one could be attacked at any given moment.

So my question to Peter Sutherland is this, how can you justify your position?

Whatever answer this man or other proponents of mass immigration to Europe gives, none can justify the social division, crime rates, overpopulation and general crappiness that results from displacing people from poorer parts of the world into white countries. There is only one reason for this, and that is to displace the white populations of Europe. No other people have fought so hard for worker's rights, for scientific development, for fairness and political involvement. None of this is good for profits, the big oil and banking companies rely on fear and ignorance in order to feed off of the earth. Humans are just yet another resource, to be shunted around the earth and exploited by these same companies and their little brothers.

It is clear to me that the age of political chicanery is coming to an end, now the misdeeds of unelected ghouls are no longer to be kept behind closed doors. The agenda is clear, what is not clear is how the people of Europe are going to react to it.

Will they rebel?

Or will they be blended out of existence with a mere whimper?

Whatever happens, I will try and spread the message in any way I can, so long as I can speak and type I will rebel openly in the event that I can do neither, I will forever rebel in thought.

SerpentSlayer out.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Victory for the Egyptian revolution!

Palestinians celebrate the victory of their Egyptian brothers.

I am very pleased to announce that Mohamed Morsi, leader of the freedom and justice party in Egypt and representative of the Muslim Brotherhood has been duly elected as the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. I have followed the Egyptian revolution since the beginning and I am happy to see that the toil and effort of all those who sacrificed, in some cases everything, in the fight against the American puppet Hosni Mubarak have been rewarded with a victory.

Unfortunately the victory is not yet complete, the Egyptian military is still firmly entrenched and holds a great deal of power. For Egypt to be free, they must force the military to cede power to the civilian government. Egypt may, for tonight celebrate, as will the inhabitants of many countries in the region. This is very good news for all enemies of the pirate state of Israel, especially for those in occupied Palestine.

Lets hope that this is yet one more step towards the end of that genocidal state.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Prelude to War

Picture kindly borrowed from infowars

My last post was fairly apocalyptic sounding today brings news that points to the idea that such a tone was warranted. It is hardly the announcement of the failure of the German ambassador to guarantee the territorial integrity of Poland but in this announcement we can see the horrible spectre of war. I do not blame these countries for preparing for such an instance but the fact that it is happening demonstrates to us just how real the threat of another world war is.

In the above article details of a plan for Iran, Syria, Russia and China to participate in a joint war game are detailed. As we know, all four of these countries are currently on the 'wrong' side of the debate over intervention in Syria's present civil war. I for one am surprised at the statement this makes about China, this alone gives me the impression that should hostilities occur, the US and it's allies will not have an easy ride (I do not underestimate the other's, but China's resources are vast, including their their massive population).

For some time the opposing sides have been lining up against each other. A few years ago in 2008 when the Russian inhabitants of South Ossetia was liberated by Russian forces many people felt that the possibility of another big war was imminent, I suppose many people felt the same with the annexation of the Sudetenland in 1938. Russia made a bold move to protect it's citizens, pulled off a convincing victory and managed to assuage a major international incident.

Nonetheless the major forces of the international finance empire, the USA, Israel and their allies have endlessly pressured Russia using the popularity of the United Russia party to justify accusations of vote fixing. Meanwhile Iran, one of few countries to not have a bank owned by the sinister Rothschild Dynasty has been harangued since 2005 when the Iranian people elected President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, a man with little time for Globalism, Zionism or any other part of the prospective world empire.

I have followed these intrigues with interest ranging from casual to obsession since their inception but I rarely connected them all until recently. The possibly CIA and Mossad inspired terror against the Syrian state has seen world powers face off against each other in ways that are hard for even the casual observer to ignore. Russia, Iran and China are making valiant efforts to prevent an aggressive NATO led coalition against Syria and despite their best efforts the same countries still push for war. The BBC has been spreading anti-Syrian propaganda since the start and it is no doubt with company amongst other media outlets the Western world over.

Pictures of dead Iraqi's from the murderous 2003 invasion supported by the BBC have been used as 'evidence' of war crimes committed by the Syrian state even!

All the while Israel still occasionally makes a threat of war against Iran.

If war does occur and these four nations find themselves at war with the Zionist world empire, then yet again Britain will take part in another war for the protection of international finance. The last war saw the death of millions of Europeans at the hands of the twin ideological fallacies of parliamentary democracy and communism, hopefully this one will have a more positive outcome.

I will not engage in any acts of war against the traitor government of the UK, but what I will do is campaign for Britain to stay out of this potential war, to attempt to prevent the loss of British military personnel (who I hold in high regard) and I encourage all of you to join me, if you are not British, then you can petition your own government to keep out of it!

Better yet if you are a citizen of Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, Syrian Arab Republic or the Islamic Republic of Iran, then I suggest you aide your nation in any way you can. Once the serpent wraps itself around the world, it shall surely die.


Monday, 11 June 2012

A Midyear Perspective

Image taken from this article

So far the year has progressed much as anybody could have anticipated. In my first post of 2012 located here I told of all the potential big political events of the year ahead and how this year would bear witness to radical geopolitical changes.

So far we have seen Marine Le Pen narrowly lose out on the second round of the French Elections, continuing terrorism against the Syrian state and Western agitation to intervene, ongoing social disorder in Spain and Greece, the death throes of the Euro currency, the U.S passing laws to allow the indefinite detention of it's own citizens and worse besides. But so far this year has been much like any other, the real change this year will come from elsewhere.

As I type this we are just over a month away from the heralded London Olympic games, a games that has been mentioned near enough without pause in every newspaper and news programme since the start of the year. The games of course have not been without controversy, not leasts with the cost and the fiasco surrounding the preparation of the sites. As many of us already know, the logo of the games can easily be manoeuvred to spell the word 'Zion', with the dot of the eye being the clue (and unnecessary to '2012') this for most people is considered to be an example of the Jewish involvement in the design of the logo and nothing else.

There is more however, the main Olympic park is built on a disused Nuclear reactor, an 'experimental nuclear site' as I have heard it called by BBC news (a long time ago).
The security for the games has also been rather significant, air to missile defences have been built on top of buildings, thousands of soldiers are expected to be present and the most sinister thing is, the presence of G4S, a private security firm accused of war crimes in Jewish-occupied Palestine. The security is there, not without reason. It is there for show.

The nuclear reactor, I believe is not completely disused. The following video was brought to my attention by a comrade a few weeks ago:

In it is foretold a catastrophe, a planned catastrophe. The Olympic stadium is to be sacrificed to the fires, mostly likely to justify war with Iran and Syria. Thousands are expected to die.

In this poem The Prophecy of the Wulf the above event is foretold, along with the unrest that will follow. I also believe that, perhaps as a result of the explosion, flooding will engulf southern England, I myself have dreamt of this and am not alone in having done so. The dream only had significance once I heard that others have also witnessed dreams of disastrous flooding. In the dream I saw a woman swept away by the water. I can only hope that none of this comes to pass. On the other hand I suggest watching the video, reading the poem, to learn all you can and to make our own decisions as to the truth of the matter and what to be done in either event.

The teeth shall meet the tail. 


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Third Place for Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, placed third in France's presidential election on Sunday.
The results came in on Sunday of the first round of the French fifth republic's presidential elections (the two leading candidates face off in the second round for the presidency).
For the first time in the modern history of the French Republic, the current incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy came second to his main establishment rival Francois Hollande.

Our modern day maid of Orleans, received a total of 17.9% of the vote. Monsieur Hollande received 28.6% and the shifty midget Sarkozy received 27.1%. Effectively I find it amazing how poorly Sarkozy did, I blame my own failure to do more in depth study on the matter. I assumed his attempts to piggy back off of public anger would bear more fruit. I suppose I mis-underestimated Hollande and the foolishness of the French public.

I don not leave this matter disheartened greatly though, our heroine managed an excellent vote. She managed to even beat her father's record of 16.86% during the first round of 2002's election, which saw him face off against President Chirac in the second round.
You may think this a technicality, another victory for Globalism now two establishment candidates face each other in the next round. There is room for optimism however.

The FN will be contesting the Assembly elections later this year and hopefully will gain representation, the last time round of all the parties that gained no representatives, the FN had the highest vote.

Also, as a former supporter of the British National Party I know full well how hard Nationalist movements struggle while governed by populist right wing candidates (the decline of the FN in 1979, the decline of the BNP post 2010) because, unfortunately many who vote for nationalist candidates fail to understand the distinction between genuine patriotism and the hollow flag waving of globalist, pro-immigration, pro-war for oil politicians of the establishment.

Luckily for us, the left are always slow to play such a stratagem. While the centre-right will cry and wave the tricolour while singing 'Le Marseillaise', in order to gain votes, the centre-left represent establishment politicians who absolutely abhor their host country and would never even consider trying to appeal to French patriots.

For the FN and whoever leads them in five years time, I think this means that after five years of pseudo-communist misrule, the FN will find itself with a massive potential field of support, so long as they ensure that the UMP and the other centre-right parties remain unpopular. My recommendation would be to poach members and to cause disruption in the UMP's ranks while they have the opportunity (in keeping with the law of course).

Other events await to be played out this year of course, the US presidential election (the republican primaries leave only establishment Romney and libertarian Ron Paul) along with the potential disturbance of the Olympic games, I'm not alone in worrying about the increased security and the murmurs amongst certain groups that believe their could be a major incident. My money would be on a strike from a foreign power, but who knows?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Political Correctness

The below is an article on politcal correctness, the rest of this article explains why poltical correctness is held as sacred by the establishment (the rest of this blog post I posted as a comment on this page, I felt I may as well use this on here)

The article makes a good point. I feel I have more insight though. The political correctness of today largely relates to 'not offending minorities', whether they are sexual, racial, ability or whatever else. Political correctness of course is a way of controlling speech to fit in with the establishment ideology, the most sacred part of that ideology being a belief in the equality of all humans.

This ideology is inconsistent though, the article mentioned the current fear americans have of using the term 'black' to refer to Americans with black skin, and how the term for people of white skin, 'white' is bandied around without trouble.
Therein lies the inconsistency, there are protected groups within this ideology of equality.

These protected groups are actively encouraged by the media and some dubious characters to be offended by practically anything that can be interpreted as not being in line with this ideology.
Whether it is a crude insult or simply suggesting that most people (even members of some of the protected groups) find homosexuality to be disgusting.

The establishment dislikes any deviation from their ideology, you can be a homosexual black man and still piss them off by merely saying the wrong word.
Total compliance is the least that is expected from us. In short 'political correctness' is the attack dog of an enemy we once thought defeated. When the Berlin wall fell, we thought Communism had died.
In truth the ideology had adapted and ditched it's blatant obsession with economic equality, man was too attached to his nation, to his people, to his family. While these attachments existed, Communism in it's purest form could not spread.
The Frankfurt School that emerged in 1920s Germany relocated with th rise of National Socialism to America. By the time of the fall of the Berlin wall, the seed had not only been planted, but was in full bloom.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Campaign For Liberty

Image from

I mentioned at the start of this year a list of big events that will shape the future of the world that are set to occur this year. Amongst them lies a flicker of hope for the United States of America. The United States were born out of the fierce independent spirit of the European colonists inhabiting the Southern part of British North America. They wanted to live without high taxation, without a heavy handed government dictating to the populace, to be able to think and say whatever they wanted.
Look at the United States of America today, they have a federal reserve vacuuming every bit of cash it can, a military that is sent to police the world, increasing taxes, more and more legislation controlling the minutiae of everyday life. Programs to control education, to nationalise the health care system (practicable in Europe but not in the US in my opinion) and a 'democratic' system that produces the same wealthy, Israel backing candidates every four years.

There is one candidate that stands out though and I'm sure you noticed the man's image at the top of the article.  Dr. Ron Paul, a USAAF veteran and practicing obstetrician-gynaecologist for twenty years. he has never voted to increase taxes, he has never voted to approve a budget deficit,  he has consistently warned against the danger of inflation and voted against against the Iraq War.

The man stands for everything that America was founded to be and against everything the Globalists wish it to become.

I have posted video blogs made by a friend of mine here a few times, that same friend works tirelessly for Ron Paul's campaign in California, they have a chance of winning the primary there. I urge you to help Ron Paul's campaign in anyway, please visit the campaign website here:

I also urge you to donate to the campaign in California, the candidates often work hard and the expenses of campaigning are often taken from their own pockets. Here is their website:

I wish all American patriots fighting for the liberty of their nation the best of luck in all of their political endeavours.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Black March

Starting yesterday (it escaped me notice yesterday), this month shall be called Black March. If you have read the above you will know that this means a boycott of purchasing or otherwise procuring entertainment media. I support this wholeheartedly.

The media has long been an enemy of human liberty and a propaganda tool for the enemies of human civilisation.But this is beside the point. Hollywood, the television studios, the major music labels, all of the major players are backing attempts to introduce censorship into western internet usage. The SOPA and PIPA acts are being used to do this on the pretext that internet piracy is damaging their business.

I say that this is pure hogwash. What is damaging these businesses is a combination of economic recession affecting buying power, a decline in the quality of popular music, films and television programmes, the shaky quality levels of video games and more importantly the high prices often required to indulge in these forms of entertainment.

To blame piracy for these things is arrogant and absurd, it only shows just how distanced the elites who own the major record labels (which often own many smaller labels also) and the execs of the film studios are from the rest of us. To them, undoubtedly cinema prices are a bargain and £20 for a DVD film is a good way to get rid of loose change.

The quality as I mentioned is also appalling, you only have to watch the talking picture box in the corner of your room to see advertisements for god-awful films featuring untalented actors and unimaginative plots to realise why Hollywood is losing so much money. How much does every piece of two hour trash cost?

More than most of us can ever dream of owning and yet Hollywood makes dozens of such things every year, and then the execs wonder why they are running short of $100 bills to wipe their arses with!
These wealthy men and women do not care that we mere mortals may not have the money to pay high prices for products of wildly varying quality.

Disc based media is a good example of how media can be reproduced cheaply and reliably and yet large companies see fit to play 'dinosaur' and pretend that anything produced by their factories must be worth far more than the cost and that it is a pleasure for us plebs to be the recipients of their digitally encoded generosity, whatever price we must pay for it.

As a man of progress and a man who loves the arts and occasionally contributes to them it pains me to see the money that these companies can throw around to publicise and produce their sexually deviant music or their inane films. These companies could encourage a love of knowledge, portray the bravery of countless soldiers, question the more insane parts of our culture, instead they give us women in skimpy outfits killing much loved songs and cookie cutter rom-coms featuring the vacuum of talent that is Hugh Grant.

More can be said about other motives for the PIPA and SOPA acts, it is likely they are a wedge into the door to allow more and more internet censorship but I feel that enough has been said for now.

Hit them where it hurts and show them what we really think of the arrogant leeches.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Power of Repetition


The above video is one which explains the Mantra, I recommend watching it, for those of you who are unable to watch it and are so far unaware of the mantra I shall repeat it here:

"Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white"

The reason for me re-posting it is only partly for the benefit of the aforementioned people. I also am doing it to illustrate a point. Repetition has a power of itself.

How many times have you seen anti-system political figures or political parties labelled as 'extremists' or 'racists'?

Other terms are used, yet the vocabulary remains fairly small. There is no grey area. You are either part of the system or you are slandered and insulted. If you are not in favour of the governments displacement of white people then YOU ARE A RACIST.

This is used endlessly and it works. I have been called a 'racist' and a 'nazi' countless times as have anybody who has spoken out against White genocide, even WW2 veterans who fought the 'Nazis' during the war!
Anti-System radicals get called it everyday by those who are either ignorant as to the purpose of the words they use or are aware and as such must be malignantly Anti-White.

Therein lies the power that waits for us to tap into it (in truth we already are doing). Repetition is powerful, it brought down the Reds in Eastern Europe, it has brought down countless states opposed to Globalism and it as almost worked against the White race.
The majority of people do not read manifestos, they do not follow intellectual debates and make decisions based on the merits and problems with what they have heard.

The masses remember little but they retain that which catches their notice. Phrases, songs, jingles, All of these things remain in the mind long after the listener has a will to hear them. there are even language programs which use advertising-type jingles and catchy pop songs to help you learn the required words!

The system we are facing has used similar repetition to integrate their ideology into the zeitgeist of our western civilisation. It is part of everyday thought process, it affects the way we think, what we say, what we do.

Ever heard of a non-white racist?

Your first thought may run to the memories of anti white verbal and physical attacks by non-whites which are too numerous to mention. But think over the question again and remember what racism means to the system. Anti-White comments and assaults are not 'racist' by the system's terminology, they are seen as redressing some kind of mythical injustice to which all white people are supposedly accountable and all non-whites, no matter how prosperous or well treated, are victims of.

Nonetheless they can be seen as Racist. if they indirectly or directly oppose white genocide. Racial harmony is not the intent of the system, anti-white genocide is and they stick to their guns regarding 'racial egalitarianism' when it comes to the defenders of the white race.

As an example let's look at a group of non-whites who frequently oppose the mixing of their race in western countries:

Black Nationalists who encourage racial segregation such as Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X have always been considered outside of the system and have been treated as so. In terms of the latter, his message has been watered down to fit the System's lies.

Why has this been done?

Because Black Nationalists oppose the mixing of their race with ours, in other words they are indirectly opposed to the mixing out of the White race and therefore they are enemies of the system. Brother Nathanael, well know to many who read this, is an ethnically Jewish man who converted to Orthodox Christianity, I wholeheartedly recommend looking for him on Youtube, he speaks out against the activities of the organised section of his tribe, often referred to as 'World Jewry'. He is not accepted by the system.

I am saying this for a reason. It is obvious to anybody without an overwhelming naivety that the whole of the system is actively participating in the genocide of white peoples. One such example which played during my typing of this I have featured below.

-WARNING! Anybody with an ounce of decency or intellect may find the following video abhorrent-

The video is an advertisement for a racial attack program against the white inhabitants of a Northern English city called Bradford. The city has a large Pakistani Muslim population. The program is called 'Make Bradford British' and extols the 'need' to consider the Pakistani inhabitants of the town as 'British'.

Are there similar calls to integrate Northern English people into towns in Pakistan?
Are there calls to introduce large quantities of Kenyans to Japan?
Is there mass Arabic immigration to Zimbabwe?

We all know the answers to these questions, all three are identical. There is no concerted effort to integrate the other human races into oblivion. All non-white races are used for all kinds of purposes related to Globalism or killed in it's name, but that is only ever seen as collateral to the enemies of humanity.

They wish to see White people extinct or close to it. What will happen to the other races in the future is anybodys guess. So open up your eyes, it's time to realise, they want genocide!*

For further reading you can follow this link:

*I unfortunately cannot take credit for this catchy line. It was featured in a song I posted recently that has now been inexplicably censored from Youtube (the song violated no rules that I know of) it doesn't take a genius to understand why they removed it, keep repeating the mantra!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Mass immigration and ethnic tensions

The EDL march on saturday, beware their leadership
I am in the full belief that mass Immigration to Europe and North America serves two main purposes. The first is to force a change in the demographic make up of white nations, I have talked about this previously. Simply put for those uninitiated, the globalists wish to see the decline and eventual death of the white race.

The second and the reason that concerns this article is to ferment ethnic tension and ethnic conflict between the Native (or colonists in North America) and the non-white immigrants and their decendents. In particular they wish to see conflict between Muslims and the native population. This serves both the first reason I theorised for mass immigration and as a way to destract the rest of the population from the coorruption and malevolence of the government, the media and the financial services industry.

I believe that the state are working with the specific intent of causing hatred against the Islamic settlers here. The EDL, which I believe to be a front for the American Jewish terrorist organisation the Jewish Defence League is a particular tool of the globalists who wish to divide us, recently marched in my nearby town of Hyde in support of a young man badly beaten by a gang of young Muslim thugs. The police response to this was barely adequate and it is merely one in a long series of racially motivated crimes against white people to happen in the area and the wider country to be largely ignored and to have the racial element subdued in press reports.

This is deliberate, in treating immigrant groups with kit gloves, it helps to keep those groups from fearing either the law enforcement agencies or any retaliation from the white community (any such retaliation, even slight is treated as the gravest offence) and thus it perpetuates racial conflict and encourages white people to blame the non-white immigrants for the problems created by their presence and more. As any body politically aware knows, they are not to blame, it is our politicians who offered foreign people the chance of an improved life here and who continue to treat the indigenous community very badly.

It is encouraging to see British people protesting at their treatment, but it is misdirected. The attackers of the young man in Hyde should have been dealt with quickly and the police should certainly step up their efforts against gang violence in the UK, especially those largely composed of ethnic minorites who tend to have a free reign to ruin the lives of their neighbours (see last years riots on the news websites)

I long to see the indigenous people of Britain resist their enslavement, I long to see them direct their energies against the would be perpetrators of our genocide. I welcome non-white settlers to join in the resistance to them also, you pay taxes to, you are also enslaved to an evil financial system.

For Europe to remain British and for the freedom and prosperity of all mankind. The Zionists must be opposed, including those who control of the EDL.


Monday, 13 February 2012

Terrorism against the Syrian state.

Elected leader of Syria and pariah of the Marxist internationalists.

It is long overdue but I feel that now is the time for me to comment on the recent happenings in Syria. Today I came across an article on Russia Today, about how the British state are working with the Qataris to supply the Syrian (and probably some foreign) terrorists to attack Bashar Al-Assad's democratically elected government and perpetrate war crimes against Syrian soldiers.

I am personally sickened by the actions of the British government who take the name of my people and muddy it to the eyes of the world. William 'Baldy' Hague even had the nerve to issue a statement condemning the Syrian government whilst in South Africa, a state that turns a blind eye to the murders and rapes of white people within its borders.

The British state is fully under the yoke of shady international interests, most likely emanating from the illegitimate state of Israel (even according to their Torah it is illegitimate!) I fear that this will not change soon enough to prevent Britain's entry into the inevitable middle eastern conflict between Israel's axis of influence and that of Iran.

The situation is clearly working in favour of the Globalists who are seeking a second Libya. Luckily the situation is knowhere near as clear cut. Iran have sent (I believe) 15,000 military personnel into the civil conflict stricken country, thus preventing any immediate western attack on Syria. This affair will prod on, more people will die, honest Syrian folk and the misguided zealots arrayed against them.

But Syrian blood doesn't matter, not to the people who wish to see Syria flattened and it's oil and natural resources harvest. Not to mention the most important reason, to remove a major enemy of Israel. I hope this fairs well for Iran and good for all freedom fighters the world over.

If all else fails, I'm off to Russia.

Friday, 3 February 2012


This blog was formed in response to the Arab Spring, in support of it even. I still support those principles to this day, even though some of those revolutions have been usurped by the very powers the protesters and freedom fighters are trying to rid themselves of.

One major protest that I was unfortunately not very active at the inception of (my laptop was still recovering from screen damage) was the 'occupy' movements in America, movements which I personally supported by word of mouth if little else. The 'Occupy' movement though present in much of the world, is a primarily American movement, seeking to restore the principles of freedom of speech, the freedom of self-defence and countless other more technical issues that a lazy intellectual charlatan like myself cannot be minded to remember.

I support these principles as does the man in this video, a man I know personally as a staunch defender of his peoples liberties:

I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe.

Addendum: I would like to add that I had intentions of starting a vlog myself, but technical issues have postponed this. You would think it a difficult thing to break a built-in microphone, if you think it would be, then you should be in awe of my amazing technology destroying abilities-SS

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-white.

The song below is part of a growing internet phenomena. Spread the mantra: 

I believe it is obvious to anybody who cares to look. Non-white countries are not asked to integrate people of other ethnicities into their population. Only white countries are under attack to become more 'diverse'.
The criminals involved will use all kinds of falsities and anti-white bigotry to justify mass non-white immigration in to Europe, North America and Australia. As we all know, non-white immigrants will do the jobs we will not do (a couple of million in the dole queues in the UK may disagree but they are mostly white and working class, so who cares eh?)
They of course will some how make us a more rounded and better society through unspecified means and in a non-specified way.

In truth the reason is not so simple, the reasons white countries are subjected to non-white immigration and that non-whites are favoured for jobs and portrayed almost always positively in the media and so on is because Marxists hate white people.

The Marxists wish to see a materialistic world where wealth is everything and it's inhabitants live for hedonistic thrills and momentary relief. Such people are easier to manipulate and police, such people will do as they are told and work for free or for very little if they are lucky.
Such people will live in accomodation barely fit for an animal because they have no wage to pay for expensive private housing.

The values of white people conflict entirely with the world the cultural Marxists wish to create.
The nine noble virtues as codified by the Odinic Rite were taken from the The Sigrdrífomál and the The Hávamál from Norse scripture, they are:

Courage, Truth, Honour,
Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality,
Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverence.

How would such values fit in a world where personal responsibility is virtually non-existent, where criminals are just victims of society, where sex is a hobby and free to be engaged in by any who wish, where self-reliance is non-existent and the bulk of the population rely on meagre state handouts to survive and where strangers, even of the same blood are to be treated as strangers and never engaged in conversation, let alone treated well.

The idea of of White people living a noble life and standing up for what is right are abhorent to men  who wish to create a world full of materialistic values and dependence on state organisms. It is time that people saw the truth. Our minds are being groomed for serfdom. Nothing of what I have said is not apparent to us  today, just use your eyes and question what you see, do not waste your curiousity and inquisitivite nature, for those are the gifts that wealthy men wish to remove from the earth.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lies, Subterfuge and Blasphemy

Adolf Hitler 'The Great', ruler of Germany 1933-1945

Above is a link to a disgusting pseudo-intellectual article by a man I consider to be the sickest traitor to our cause I have ever come across, not least because he purports to be one of us. I hope nobody is too disturbed by it or becomes demoralised by the lies it contains.

In it he slanders one of the finest human beings to have ever lived based off of gossip surrounding the man's grandmother and the fact that Ernst Rohm was a homosexual. I have outlined my position in this open letter to Simon Gibson below:

To Mr.Gibson,

I take this article as a declaration of war against heaven. As an ‘avatar’ of Odin the hanged god, Adolf Hitler was a representative of Asgard, home to the progenitors of the Aryan race.
All the conclusions you have made are based off of hearsay and in my opinion, spite, spite aginst the only man who could speak up for Germany and for German people in their darkest hour. He was a man sent by the Aesir, an old soul who had lived many centuries and thus into a pureblooded German body. The man suffered immense hardship and victimisation by the Jewish state as did all who followed him. You have wrote many entertaining paragraphs about things peripheral to the articles bold and heretical title and none of them have convinced me that you are anything but a fool and a jackanape.

You even take the word of Jewish historians to describe the Fuhrer, that says it all. Ever since he registered on their radar they have slandered him with the same accusations you are regurgitating

Your presupposition was that Rohm had some massive influence of the Führer, that maybe he was in love with him. Even the rubbish and biased state education I recieved did not deny that the Führer ordered that fat faggot shot. I see no reason to nitpick every word you have written but I can state that you have the wrong frame of mind for the oncoming struggle, should we ever meet Mr.Gibson I would be happy to educate you in the error of your ways as gentlemen should resolve such matters.

In the meantime I suggest you rethink your life and evaluate whether you are in this  for  the good of the Aryan race and of our holy ancestors in Asgard, Alfheim and Vanaheim.

Yours most sincerely and despite the letter writing convention,
Robert Shepard,
Cult of the hanged god.

I as I have rarely if ever mentioned on here subscribe to the belief that Hitler was either a messenger of the gods, or something supernatural himself. (Some believe one of the autistics, who were once believed to be Elves in human form according to folk tales, a belief I do not discourage the spread of)
As such I have a devotion as strong to him as I have to my people, I believe, like Odin he is the very embodiment of Aryan values and to denigrate him is to denigrate our race as a whole. Whats more I must emphasise that in fighting communism, the Führer stood not only for the Aryan race but for all other human races. The Zionists wish to see us all destroyed, preferably by mutual destruction and it would be foolish to reject this man out of the Judeo-Marxist concept of 'racism' or any other such baloney. To fight Zionism you must raise the banner they fear most, that of the sun cross, preferably in the form that shines the brightest, with the red background, white circle and the black hooked cross.

It is not politically correct to say but I say this from the inner depths of my heart:

Heil Hitler.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An interesting video blog

The following two videos are v-logs made by a friend of mine from America. Like many Americans he is deeply concerned about the recent NDAA act (see MW passim) and as an American patriot, fears for his freedom. Nonetheless he is determined to make a stand and in response to US tyranny he is now a more vocal opponent of the system than ever. He is getting more subscribers every day and I hope you will join them: