Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Devil

The Devil, El Diablo, Der Teufel, whatever you wish to name him, he is the bugbear of the Abrahamic religions, he is the threat that keeps the ignorant loyal to the god who presumes power over all. He is the combined imagery and exaggerated (to absurdum) values of the Pagan gods, the demonisation of all that comes from the European soul.

His form comes from Faunus, his love of decadence an exaggerated form of the personality of Dionysus.

He represents the 'other' of Christian myth, the example of how not to serve the omnipotent Abrahamic god.

We are told that our pride, our will to avenge wrongs, our yearning to become greater and so on are 'sins' and that they empower this evil being and alienate us from the greatness of god (who is to be seen as the ultimate good). It has always struck me as odd that an all powerful god, such as that featured in the middle eastern slave religions, is so concerned about any affront to his name, and that his word is the be all and end all. To laugh at this god or to take humour from any of his dictations or actions, is in the eyes of his followers and of his network of priests, reprehensible.
As Nouvelle Droite founder, Alain de Benoist put it "Beware of the god who cannot laugh"

I recognise this being as either minor spiritual power who allows his ego rampant or the projection of a people enslaved to their own egos. Either way he is a being that encourages to give up all ideas of freedom and to bind us all to his better judgement. He will take care of us so long as we do as we are told, much like a pimp, a Mafia don or a tyrannical ruler. In effect he is the very Devil that is used to scare people to him, he is the slave master.
We see similar logic in today's society, so long as we accept cultural Marxist ideas and doctrines. So long as we abandon our land to the forces of Globalism and the destruction wrought by aggressive aliens unwanted in their homelands , so long as we forget all personal liberties such as free speech or the maintenance of arms, so long as we do not oppose the rape of natural resources in our lands and abroad and so on.
We see the Nationalistic, anti-Globalist and Anti-Zionist forces as akin to the Devil (who has now lost power, Communism having no need to maintain any form of traditional moral code, it having degraded rapidly since the 19th century) where once Pagans and innocent women were burnt and hanged by the church, men and women are detained and persecuted for questioning the entrenched ideological 'concensus' of the media, think tanks and so forth.

The true meaning of this article is indeed related to the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, featured at the top there, look closely at the card. You will see the horned devil, representing materialism, greed and giving into our every desire, you will also see a man and a women (the lovers of card VI of the Major Arcana) both bound to him. Of especial note and the reason why this has relevance to the modern world is that neither resists or even looks uncomfortable. Both are comfortable in their slavery.

In our ancient European faith we are told to aspire for greater mastery over the self, the runes contain every mystery of the universe as known to us and we are urged to find it in our own selves, overcoming our own egotism and our fear of the unknown to learn these mysteries. Likewise too in the course of understanding the cards of the Tarot (or Tarock, as I prefer being an Anglo-Saxon) we learn of the mysteries of life and the progression from slave to master of his own universe, we become more godlike even. I can understand why this puts fear into any being or race that wishes to enslave us.

Instead of learning our ancestral ways and being taught to love heroic warriors, wise rulers, our people, our families, our land, we are instead taught to love the gold of the enslavers and material objects of no real worth. We are taught to shop, to buy trinkets and expensive baubles, we are taught that these things will not only make us feel better, but by possessing them we ARE better and of course the wealthy men and women who encourage this are to be idolised above all (i.e celebrities)

At no point agree we ever encouraged to yearn to become OURSELVES better. To be better able to take criticism, to become unafraid of death and hurt, to become a better person for those around us, to become a better asset to our folk. These things are anathema to the race world-eaters that offer us gold and comfort in exchange for our freedoms and our status as free men. Instead we aspire to be granted scraps from the lords table for our compliance, for our stupidity and our unquestioning ego that is happy to be called 'tolerant' and 'modern' rather than risk it all to regain our dignity.

In much of our folklore gold and especially rings are used to bind others to some terrible force, we have had this in our collective subconscious for time immemorial and yet we are still bound just as surely. We had one Sigurd/Frodo last century but still the gold hoarding dragon remains unslain and we rejoice in our service to him and in the defeat of our would be dragon slayer all the time. The vast majority of our folk do not have it in them to resist this slavery, the weakest through love of materialism and the stronger through fear of defeat and of not being strong enough to take the flak that will come their way.
I think in light of this, the more leaderlike amongst us, the more godlike, usually Nordic-Aryans have to shoulder a greater burden and become the slayers of the wyrm, as my 'SerpentSlayer' moniker alludes to, we must become our own saviour as European heroes have done since the first age.

We must suppress the negative voice in our minds that tells us not to get out of bed to run because of the rain or that the beautiful blonde woman at the bar will not be interested in us (because obviously they all want black men, of course, the TV said so!) or that any form of action will be futile. We must become comfortable with ourselves and not in the hippie multicultural sense of the words, we must cut out our own weaknesses and learn to master ourselves, as my brother taught me that in order to use power tools, as with riding a horse or wielding a weapon, we must have mastery of them, we must first conquer ourselves and learn increase our strengths and lessen our weaknesses.

Once we do this we will be able to speak from our hearts, to not fear scorn or the opinions of others, to care not about our standing in a society bought by stolen wealth and to be concerned with cultivating ourselves as true Europeans and as the sword bearing heroic warriors and shield maidens of old.

I have intentions on running a series of articles that elaborate on this very theme, the cultivation of the self, examples of our heroes and historical examples of how societies have been bought and destroyed by gold and by tyrannical modes of though, and their source. Keep tuned, and if you have anything you would like to suggest just leave me a comment or drop me an email.

Waes Hael
SerpentSlayer, F.F.F

Remember- In darkest night, the strongest light, shines the most to show us all, the fearful host amongst our kin, under our skin, the rot set in, fed by gold and enmity old and that importantly, we cannot let them win (literally, we cannot, it is impossible, think on this!)