Thursday, 28 June 2012

A chilling leak

A leak, by an undercover journalist has added weight to my earlier prediction and the many other predictions by various people that there will be a false flag attack against the Olympics:

Edit 04:50 30/06/2012 There is also a video on the matter by Alex Jones that was hacked and made private by unknown forces, as I type it is to be found below:

The article tells of barely vetted staff being trained to evacuate the city and told of masses of Coffins being readied for the games. Foreign troops will be present (in contravention of Magna Carta I believe, something to do with King John bringing in Danes to squash dissent from his Barons) checkpoints are left unguarded and drones are to fly in the sky, staff were shown videos of drones killing insurgents in Afghanistan!

This whole thing stinks, it is in no way definitive proof of a potential false flag to justify tyranny on British soil but it does add weight to the idea. Whether this will happen or not, I urge people to spread word of this, we all know how the twin towers attacks were known to the Yanks before they happened and how they have justified attacks on other countries and on our own civil liberties in the name of fighting the spectre of terrorism. If enough people know, maybe this won't happen, but still prepare for the worst.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Bilderberger lectures EU on the need for white genocide.

Peter Sutherland, Former head of BP, non-exec chairman of Goldman-Sachs and head of the Global forum on migration and 'development', sinister much?

A few years ago, people who mentioned the Bilderberg group were labelled as 'Conspiracy Theorists' and 'Cranks'. The meetings are renowned for there secrecy, people from the world's biggest banks, oil companies and business' rub shoulders with presidents and prime ministers, security is tight. The meetings take place every year in different cities across the globe, security is heavy, until recently the very existence of the meetings was scarcely reported beyond local newspapers.

In this article from the BBC website, we find proof for the claims that Bilderberg manipulates organisations and states for their own interests. This "man" is a former head of one of the worlds biggest oil companies, he currently works for the Goldman Sachs banking company and is known to have attended Bilderberg meetings. This man claims that we need to allow more unskilled immigrants into the UK and the rest of Europe, this during times of austerity and mass unemployment!

There is no good reason to justify mass immigration to European countries, we are already overpopulated and our nations are more socially divided than they have been for a long time.
I will use a personal experience as an example.

Not long ago I was present on a trip to the European Parliament to Brussels. The first two days were spent in parts of Flanders, I visited Ostend and Ypres. Never before have I seen a more ethnically homogeneous and beautiful Aryan place than those two cities. The architecture, people and atmosphere of these places was healthier an urban environ than I have ever experienced and am ever likely to.

These places had an air of magic to them. On the third day, after an early start, we headed to Brussels. Brussels, while it had a few nice monuments in the administrative and business centres, could well have been Manchester, Birmingham or London. The place was far more 'diverse' than the other places I had visited in Belgium, there was litter and graffiti everywhere, the buildings were run down and the place had an air of suspicion and danger to it, as if one could be attacked at any given moment.

So my question to Peter Sutherland is this, how can you justify your position?

Whatever answer this man or other proponents of mass immigration to Europe gives, none can justify the social division, crime rates, overpopulation and general crappiness that results from displacing people from poorer parts of the world into white countries. There is only one reason for this, and that is to displace the white populations of Europe. No other people have fought so hard for worker's rights, for scientific development, for fairness and political involvement. None of this is good for profits, the big oil and banking companies rely on fear and ignorance in order to feed off of the earth. Humans are just yet another resource, to be shunted around the earth and exploited by these same companies and their little brothers.

It is clear to me that the age of political chicanery is coming to an end, now the misdeeds of unelected ghouls are no longer to be kept behind closed doors. The agenda is clear, what is not clear is how the people of Europe are going to react to it.

Will they rebel?

Or will they be blended out of existence with a mere whimper?

Whatever happens, I will try and spread the message in any way I can, so long as I can speak and type I will rebel openly in the event that I can do neither, I will forever rebel in thought.

SerpentSlayer out.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Victory for the Egyptian revolution!

Palestinians celebrate the victory of their Egyptian brothers.

I am very pleased to announce that Mohamed Morsi, leader of the freedom and justice party in Egypt and representative of the Muslim Brotherhood has been duly elected as the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. I have followed the Egyptian revolution since the beginning and I am happy to see that the toil and effort of all those who sacrificed, in some cases everything, in the fight against the American puppet Hosni Mubarak have been rewarded with a victory.

Unfortunately the victory is not yet complete, the Egyptian military is still firmly entrenched and holds a great deal of power. For Egypt to be free, they must force the military to cede power to the civilian government. Egypt may, for tonight celebrate, as will the inhabitants of many countries in the region. This is very good news for all enemies of the pirate state of Israel, especially for those in occupied Palestine.

Lets hope that this is yet one more step towards the end of that genocidal state.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Prelude to War

Picture kindly borrowed from infowars

My last post was fairly apocalyptic sounding today brings news that points to the idea that such a tone was warranted. It is hardly the announcement of the failure of the German ambassador to guarantee the territorial integrity of Poland but in this announcement we can see the horrible spectre of war. I do not blame these countries for preparing for such an instance but the fact that it is happening demonstrates to us just how real the threat of another world war is.

In the above article details of a plan for Iran, Syria, Russia and China to participate in a joint war game are detailed. As we know, all four of these countries are currently on the 'wrong' side of the debate over intervention in Syria's present civil war. I for one am surprised at the statement this makes about China, this alone gives me the impression that should hostilities occur, the US and it's allies will not have an easy ride (I do not underestimate the other's, but China's resources are vast, including their their massive population).

For some time the opposing sides have been lining up against each other. A few years ago in 2008 when the Russian inhabitants of South Ossetia was liberated by Russian forces many people felt that the possibility of another big war was imminent, I suppose many people felt the same with the annexation of the Sudetenland in 1938. Russia made a bold move to protect it's citizens, pulled off a convincing victory and managed to assuage a major international incident.

Nonetheless the major forces of the international finance empire, the USA, Israel and their allies have endlessly pressured Russia using the popularity of the United Russia party to justify accusations of vote fixing. Meanwhile Iran, one of few countries to not have a bank owned by the sinister Rothschild Dynasty has been harangued since 2005 when the Iranian people elected President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, a man with little time for Globalism, Zionism or any other part of the prospective world empire.

I have followed these intrigues with interest ranging from casual to obsession since their inception but I rarely connected them all until recently. The possibly CIA and Mossad inspired terror against the Syrian state has seen world powers face off against each other in ways that are hard for even the casual observer to ignore. Russia, Iran and China are making valiant efforts to prevent an aggressive NATO led coalition against Syria and despite their best efforts the same countries still push for war. The BBC has been spreading anti-Syrian propaganda since the start and it is no doubt with company amongst other media outlets the Western world over.

Pictures of dead Iraqi's from the murderous 2003 invasion supported by the BBC have been used as 'evidence' of war crimes committed by the Syrian state even!

All the while Israel still occasionally makes a threat of war against Iran.

If war does occur and these four nations find themselves at war with the Zionist world empire, then yet again Britain will take part in another war for the protection of international finance. The last war saw the death of millions of Europeans at the hands of the twin ideological fallacies of parliamentary democracy and communism, hopefully this one will have a more positive outcome.

I will not engage in any acts of war against the traitor government of the UK, but what I will do is campaign for Britain to stay out of this potential war, to attempt to prevent the loss of British military personnel (who I hold in high regard) and I encourage all of you to join me, if you are not British, then you can petition your own government to keep out of it!

Better yet if you are a citizen of Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, Syrian Arab Republic or the Islamic Republic of Iran, then I suggest you aide your nation in any way you can. Once the serpent wraps itself around the world, it shall surely die.


Monday, 11 June 2012

A Midyear Perspective

Image taken from this article

So far the year has progressed much as anybody could have anticipated. In my first post of 2012 located here I told of all the potential big political events of the year ahead and how this year would bear witness to radical geopolitical changes.

So far we have seen Marine Le Pen narrowly lose out on the second round of the French Elections, continuing terrorism against the Syrian state and Western agitation to intervene, ongoing social disorder in Spain and Greece, the death throes of the Euro currency, the U.S passing laws to allow the indefinite detention of it's own citizens and worse besides. But so far this year has been much like any other, the real change this year will come from elsewhere.

As I type this we are just over a month away from the heralded London Olympic games, a games that has been mentioned near enough without pause in every newspaper and news programme since the start of the year. The games of course have not been without controversy, not leasts with the cost and the fiasco surrounding the preparation of the sites. As many of us already know, the logo of the games can easily be manoeuvred to spell the word 'Zion', with the dot of the eye being the clue (and unnecessary to '2012') this for most people is considered to be an example of the Jewish involvement in the design of the logo and nothing else.

There is more however, the main Olympic park is built on a disused Nuclear reactor, an 'experimental nuclear site' as I have heard it called by BBC news (a long time ago).
The security for the games has also been rather significant, air to missile defences have been built on top of buildings, thousands of soldiers are expected to be present and the most sinister thing is, the presence of G4S, a private security firm accused of war crimes in Jewish-occupied Palestine. The security is there, not without reason. It is there for show.

The nuclear reactor, I believe is not completely disused. The following video was brought to my attention by a comrade a few weeks ago:

In it is foretold a catastrophe, a planned catastrophe. The Olympic stadium is to be sacrificed to the fires, mostly likely to justify war with Iran and Syria. Thousands are expected to die.

In this poem The Prophecy of the Wulf the above event is foretold, along with the unrest that will follow. I also believe that, perhaps as a result of the explosion, flooding will engulf southern England, I myself have dreamt of this and am not alone in having done so. The dream only had significance once I heard that others have also witnessed dreams of disastrous flooding. In the dream I saw a woman swept away by the water. I can only hope that none of this comes to pass. On the other hand I suggest watching the video, reading the poem, to learn all you can and to make our own decisions as to the truth of the matter and what to be done in either event.

The teeth shall meet the tail.