Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

I fear I may have contradicted myself again, it was my intention to post more regularly here and yet again dear old Cronos has seen fit to allow the past two weeks to skip by without any considerable notice on my part. As it is I feel I must post here now while this realisation is fresh.

On Monday an old lady died, and much has been made of this. As somebody who has long felt the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, being born during the twilight of her tenure and witnessing successive governments continue in much the same vein, I feel that I must comment on this. Margaret Thatcher was a lower middle class woman born into an affluent Southern English village and given every advantage in life. Yet somehow after de-industrialised large regions of the country, this woman took it upon herself to lecture the poor about 'getting on their bike' and thus abandoning their once healthy communities in order to find any work they can. This woman painted herself as a traditionalist and a patriot and yet was instrumental in our further integration into the EU and despite her assurances otherwise, took no step to reduce the catastrophic immigration into this country.

What is more her lies took the National Front from almost certainly winning seats in parliament to absolute decline in terms of public support!

The woman was Globalist through and through, a big believer in putting the rights of wealthy business owners before those other own people and while I allowed myself some joy in her passing, clearing out my store of traditionally made English ales as I did, I know that their is no great reason to rejoice. The woman ruined large parts of Northern England and they have never recovered, she reduced the working class to what they are now, Jeremy Kyle watching, track-suited Chavs with no hope of anything better. This woman was a blight on our country, and any flag waving on Thatcher's part will not convince me otherwise.

May her corpse be gnawed for an eternity.

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