Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pax Judaica

Palestinians celebrate an end of hostilities, presstvir

The US has been very keen to help Egypt push through an end to hostilities in Gaza, but do not ever think for a moment that this is due to humanitarian concerns for the people of Gaza. Israel will never end it's attempts to subdue the Arabs, whether it is murder by military force or by the use of bulldozer to destroy non-Jewish settlements, the Israeli's will not allow the screams of dying civilians to deter their attempts to fulfil two thousand years of wishful thinking and arrogance towards the people they sociopathically term as cattle.

This peace will not spare the inhabitants of the spoiled child's next desired patch of land, he will still have his pound of flesh (or several tonnes of it, at that!).To use the small Jewish population of a land to facilitate a mass invasion of Jewish people into a land, murder and displace the population for decades, all the while appealing to the world for help and victim-status, shows the mindset of a people, cultivated by the few, to perpetrate atrocities without remorse or conscience, they do not truly want peace, they still have land and properties they feel entitled to.

Egypt, who have brokered this peace either because they are fearful of the Americans, too unprepared to launch an invasion into Gaza or not wanting to start a wider conflict, have unwittingly allowed Israel the breather and time for appraisal I believe it sincerely needs after the volume of resistance levelled at it by it's brave denizens. For the Arab people to overcome the interlopers, constant pressure must be applied, militarily, socially and politically, for only through mass demonstrations and military resistance will Palestine's neighbours be forced to intervene on their side. If Israel continues it's slow path of destruction and colonisation, increment by increment, no help will come, the years will pass and the native inhabitants of Palestine and it's neighbours will be subdued, displaced and bred out (or massacred) of existence, having no part in the Jewish myth of the Levant being their and only their holy land.

I hope however that those Palestinians and their allies who have been fighting, those who have lost loved ones and especially those who have lost everything, use this time to rest and rebuild, to mourn and recollect. While the interests of the world elite are threatening all of us, Palestine has the almost unique distinction of facing it's most aggressive manifestation head-on, while we Europeans suffer Social Marxism and the slow disintegration of our people, the people of Palestine face bullets and bombs, theirs, through no fault of their own is the burden of opposing the Rothschildian puppet state of Israel in asymmetrical warfare and I wish them the best of health through this dreadful time.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Cowardly Murder of a Heroic Man

Ahmed Jabari, 2iC of  Hamas

The death of Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari in an Israeli drone strike is but the start of more conflict between Israel and it's neighbours I feel. Mr. Jabari was an excellent military leader, credited with winning the battle of Gaza and seizing the Gaza strip from the appeasers Fatah, a victory which has allowed increased resistance against Israel and may be the first link in a chain that leads to the eventual end of the Jewish occupation of Palestine, possession of that bit of land may buy Iran and it's allies time, perhaps allowing Russia to stall for even more time before Israeli puppets launch a strike on Iran.

As we all know Israel is gearing up for a strike on Iran under the pretence of the Iranians developing nuclear weapons (which Israel unofficially has but refuses to have them inspected, US president John F. Kennedy is rumoured to have requested to do in 1963) and it makes sense that the Israelis would want to destroy the last remnants of the original population who still pose a threat to Israel's ownership of the Levant.

I do hope, however that Hamas, Hezbollah and the other groups seeking to defend the last Arab held territories in Palestine put up a valiant defence and circumstances allow them to do so. The Israeli's have tons of western gear given to them in military aid by the U.S and it's allies, not least the sinister drones that strike from the dark and kill without any chance of retribution. I do not rate the Israeli soldier, their forces are padded out with women and skinny boys like Gilad Shalit, from the start they have fought like cowards, strangling British sentries in the 1940s and shooting women and children at close range with built-for-the-job Uzi Sub-machine guns in the streets of Gaza.

Despite their shortcomings however we all know roughly how this will play out, as always the Zionist state will use the brave men of the nations controlled by it's stooges in the IMF and the like to fight it's wars. More brave European, American and British Commonwealth soldiers will die and suffer wounds to protect Israel from the flames it ignited and has continued to fan from it's inception through relentless attacks on it's neighbours.

Hamas has called for help from neighbouring Egypt, a country up until last year that was run by an Israeli stooge named Mubarak but now finds itself run by the Anti-Israeli Muslim Brotherhood, a sign I hope of the Israeli's hens coming home to roost.


Post Scriptum-  I must point out that while I do not agree with much of what the organisations I express support for believe, a much worse evil plagues the earth, an evil that enslaves people and nations to debt, that ethnically cleanses those that cause it trouble, that I believe has now enveloped the Earth and that resistance against which is seemingly futile. I however know that the Wyrd works in ways that nullify even the most solid logic.