Friday, 23 December 2011

Reflections of the SerpentSlayer:

It seems like the time to reflect on a few of my own personal understandings of the religion that I belong to. I have not been on here for a while due to hardwear difficulties and if it were not for a good comrade I may have been offline for a considerably longer time.

This blog is named the 'Midgard Watcher' as an allusion to the old way of refering to the Earth we dwell upon as being in the middle of many other worlds, in ancient Germanic mythology there are believed to be nine 'worlds' or spiritual planes housing gods (powers), elves (spirits), giants (representing chaotic phenomena) amongst others. Midgard is the home of the human races to which my race of Europeans belong.

While I believe that all races of humanity are threatened by dark forces (namely greed and hatred) I believe that my European race is threatened above all by the actions of its corrupted leaders and of the race represented by Jormungandr in Germanic Mythology. This is actively leading to my race being destroyed.

I started this blog in reaction to the Arab spring and to the genocide being perpetrated by the Zionist occupiers of Palestine. Like many people I am disgusted by the abuses against fellow humans and in this I see the true face of an anti-human force at work. However while Israeli troops slaughter those who dwell on territory they claim as their own, their tribesmen in the west enslave the countries of my kinsmen through debt, political manipulation and propaganda.

We are told to live decadent and hedonistic lifestyles, venerate shallow celebrities and material wealth and to never question mass non-white immigration into our lands.

The latter is perhaps the most dangerous of all for the people who usually take the brunt of the retalliation to mass immigration are the immigrants themselves who for the most part are merely taking advantage of a generous offer to live a better life. Even worse yet are the accusations of the dreaded 'racism' thrown at anybody (including sometimes the immigrants themselves) who dare to question the genocide of White peoples or to venerate something other than the bullshit dogma of equality and colour blindedness.

These are the tools used against us, we have political parties who dare not deviate from the approved social ideology of Marxism, an openly crooked media who portray frivolous and meaningless lifestyles as desirable and a parasitic financial system operated for the benefit of it's controllers.

With this knowledge we can understand why I use the name SerpentSlayer and why I use an image of Thor, the slayer of giants facing off against the mighty serpent Jormungandr. During the end times as prophesised in the Icelandic poem 'Voluspo', Jormungandr envelops himself around the world only to find once he has conquered it and his head meets his tail, that he has overreached himself and that he his slain by Thor and his mighty hammer Mjolnir.

By illuminating the work of the serpent I suppose I am in my own way chanelling the spirit of our ancient protector. I urge us all whichever human race we belong to to do the same. Educate yourself and help bring down this murderous beast once and for all, once European kind have fell it will happily overthrow everybody else.

I will post more in depth articles on the subject of European natural religion soon.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Gadaffi dead, Israel wins...

Yesterday an enemy of Israel died. Trying to escape the clutches of international capitalism, in much the same way that the Tippoo of Mysore died fleeing the encroaching 'British' trade empire. Gaddaffi was dragged out of a drain by subhuman mercenaries as he tried to flee the town of Sirte and wounded fatally by them.
He was found with his son Mutassim who was captured alongside him and who was later killed in captivity.

Gadaffi though sometimes seen as a tyrant was a man of great knowledge of international politics and an opponent of the murderous state of Israel. This along with his determination to trade oil in a currency other than the dying US dollar are the main reasons that a rebellion was stirred in this country by Mossad agents paying criminal scum to undermine the state.

 Gadaffi injured moments before death, surrounded by semi-human vermin.

What is more Libya borders Egypt, the site of the first noticably large revolt of the Arab spring. The site of a rebellion that replaced the relatively pro-Israel Mubarak with opponents much less sympathetic to the murder of their co-religionists. Egypt now has a large hostile neighbour who may well find themselves host to a US military base or similar which upon any move to reclaim the lands of the slain and expelled will be met with billions of US taxpayers worth of violence.

The war continues and the events of yesterday were a coup for the proponents of Zionist violence across the globe and for the opportunists who will pay tiny sums for Libya's lucrative oil.

The video at the top of this article demonstrates the calibre of this man whose death was all but ordered by western political parasites.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Today is a wonderful day for all who wish to see a world free from Israeli terrorism. Today four hundred and seventy seven Arab freedom fighters were released in exchange for a single Jewish conscript. Hamas with the help of the Egyptian government have once again shown the people of Palestine that they are the ones that will lead the fight against the murderous Israeli regime.

On top of today's triumph a further 550 prisoners are to be released next month, a deal that I can't help but feel the serpent will try and worm its way out of.

The majority of the released prisoners are experienced fighting men, and one hopes that Israels giving in to their peoples public feeling will prove to be a painful mistake. Hundreds of men determined to free their people from the snakes hold can only be positive for the fight against a state determined to murder its way to global political domination.

Politics aside, today is a happy day for the families of these men and women and I hope that the reunions of men and women with their spouses, their parents and their children are occasions of great joy for all. Their is precious little happiness for the people of Gaza afterall.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Call For Resistance- some words by Varg the wise.

I have not posted here in a while and alas I still have not the will to write more articles for the present, but I feel that these words must be posted. They are from a wise man named Varg, truly one of the greatest alive today. Like myself he is a Pagan who is aware of the threat posed to humanity by the Zionists who wish to pervert mankinds true path. Heed his words well:

Dear fellow Europeans and all others too,

In 1994 I wrote in "Vargsmål" that our governments let so many Muslims into our contries possibly because they want us to feel threatened enough by them to support Israel no matter what. This was before the government of the USA in secret launched their terror campaign on their own population, and blamed the Muslims, to have an excuse to start their "War on Terror" and subdue other countries without too many protests, but today this fairly original hypothesis from 1994 seems to hold more truth than I could imagine.

What we have seen since 9/11 is a very aggressive campaign by some groups and companies made up of very rich individuals to make us all accept more and more surveillance and humiliation in the name of "the war on terror". They make us give up more and more of our rights and our freedom, and everything is done in the name of this bogus "war on terror" and of course "security". Our security, of course... Increased airport control; electronic passports; DNA databases; personal information databases; more police surveillance; more cameras in more locations; new laws; and so forth. They introduce new means to improve our "security" almost weekly.

Had they introduced all their means to fights "terrorism" and make our societies "secure" in one day every single one of us would have realised what they were trying to do and we would have revolted. So instead they do it gradually and over time. After some time they will have introduced enough means to make sure that we cannot revolt, even if we see through their lies and break free from their brainwash and manage to think for ourselves long enough to comprehend that we need to revolt against them. I may add that we are already way past Orwell's 1984 dystopia in many respects; it's already worse than this to many of us! Soon everyone will be in chains mental (through brain wash) as well as physical chains.

So what on Earth is it they want? Why do they want to turn us all into slaves? Of course it's about power and money that has always been their main driving force but it's also about hatred. These rich individuals hate us; they hate our culture, they hate our philosophy, our history, our mythology, our values, our religion and most importantly; they hate us. By us I mean those of European decent. Sure, they hate just about everyone else too, but their hatred for Europe and everything European is the key here and the reason they are doing what they do and they don't even understand this themselves! That only makes them more dangerous though, because they think of themselves and present themselves with their massive propaganda machinery as the victims whenever we protest against what they do, and always act in accordance with this.

They think of themselves as above all the rest of us, and somehow believe perhaps instinctively that they have the right to destroy us if they can. Now, they cannot unless we let them, we are smarter, stronger and better than them, but for some reason we let them do this, albeit slowly and somewhat reluctantly, and we have done so since the Christianization of the peoples of Europe, and even more since anno 1789, and even more since anno 1881, and even more since anno 1918, and even more since anno 1945, and even more since anno 2001. Today even we hate ourselves, because we are so messed up mentally by their lie-propaganda and so drained, ruined and exhausted by their 2000 year-old campaign to destroy us.

Dear European brothers and sisters; heed my words and take note of what I say in this call! Be courageous, be strong, be smart; be European! Rid yourselves of this filthy beast's influence over you and your home! Heal yourselves! Heal your kin! Heal Europe! To Europe and everyone else too; RESIST THIS ENEMY!

Anyone who wishes to have my permission to translate this article into any language and publish this article anywhere and in any form.
Yours truly,
Varg Vikernes
March 2011

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Christian Fanatic kills Norwegian youths for Israel!

Above: The suspect Anders Brevik

On friday several innocents were harmed in a bomb attack on the offices of the Norwegian Prime Minister, as he is a supporter of multiculturalism I saw this as legitimate. I then heard news of an attack on the Socialist Youth Camp in Utouya (correct me if I mispelled it) there were over 80 young Norwegians killed, mostly Aryans. This disgusted me and put the attack on the Norwegian Prime Minister in perspective.

The Norwegian government support an independent Palestine and want to establish a Palestinian embassy in Oslo. I have also heard talk of a declaration of war against Israel being considered, purely in spirit  might add. Thus we see the bite marks of the vipers.

The suspect is a Freemason who considers himself a modern 'Templar' a crusader against Islam, a Zionist Christian! While I sympathise with the idea of resisting the attepts by some to establish a European Caliphate, the idea of a Europe ruled by conservative Christians under the thumb of world Jewry sickens me no end.

This is a clear message, to all who support Palestine in their war against the murderous Khazars, to all who fight to defend White Europe, To all who oppose Marxism. Resist and you will be attacked. Thus the pretense of western democracy is shattered, Israel is at war with Europe just as it is at war with the middle east. Thus I say to you reading this whoever you be:
How do YOU respond?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Zionist airstrike kills fifteen civilians in Brega...

I have talked before about the real motive behind the involvement of Zionist forces in Libya. Now it seems we have reached the point where the original excuse for the invasion has been conveniently forgotten. The junk food and mindrotting television consuming masses of the west were fed the lie that NATO's involvement was required to protect civilians.

Just the other day nine civilians were killed in Tripoli today, I tutted at the screen of my television. Upon hearing the news today I have been pushed past my boiling point. I can no longer sit by and allow this blog to go idle. Today fifteen civilians were killed and twenty wounded by a NATO airstrike on the town of Brega.

Let me remind you of why these people were killed. Libya sits on a massive pile of oil and natural resources, Gaddafi would not trade this oil to the west on their terms. The natural reaction to this is to incite protests and rebellion in order to provoke a backlash from the government that will justify invasion. Within weeks of NATO invading Libya the oil was carted away in tankers to earn profits for greedy hook nosed oil tycoons.

Thus we see the motivation of the neo-crusaders, greed. Libyan people are blown to pieces, Palestinians murdered in their homes, Africans starve, Europeans who were once the masters of the world are allowed to become soulless wage slaves to an all powerful globalist system.

This will continue until people realise that their meaningless television shows and video games are worthless and that they need to reclaim their nations from the scheming liars and deviants that use their resources for murder and ethnic cleansing.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The fangs come out in occupied Palestine...

May I rewind the clock to February the fifteenth when 600 Libyan protestors took to the streets to take part in the first mass protest of the civil war. Within days live rounds were being fired on protesters. The next day the protesters fought back. A month later the world intervened.

Israel has been orchestrating mass deportations and murders against people who at first barely fought back since 1948. Israel takes $6 billion in foreign aid from the US every year including aid specifically sent for military purposes.

May I remind you that Israel are a developed nation, unlike the usual targets for foreign aid such as Pakistan, India, Africa, Latin America etc.

While countries like Libya and Iraq who decided to privatise their oil and to trade with it in Euros are invaded and toppled, countries like Israel who are not just part time killers recieve money in order to do so!

I am of course outraged by the murder of Syrian and Palestinian protesters on the 'border' of occupied Palestine and my sympathies go to the friends and families of those lost in the struggle for freedom, mostly though I am outraged by the silence of Western politicians. Of course we all know that politicians in countries like Britain, America, France and Germany all over one another to praise Israel and its barbarism and meddling. The western world and much of the rest are firmly under the thumb of Israeli lobbyists, Jewish financiers and Jewish media moguls.

We in Britain are just as occupied as the people of Palestine. I just hope that the current trend continues and people stand up to Zionism, before all human civilisation and culture  is lost.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The joys of Western Democracy

There is a deafening silence on the news channels of the western world today as attacks on protesters, which seems to be the latest craze, go unreported by the sensationalist news media.

Attacks on protesters are the perfect fodder for the usual emotive journalism we see day to day in Blighty.

So why, you ask have we not heard anything on the news about this?

You may ask where this takes place Syria? Iran? Lebanon?

And thus lies the answer. In Spain today protesters who took to the streets to demonstrate their distaste with the Globalist economic practises that swell the ranks of Spains unemployed were attacked with batons and rubber bullets in a fashion more suited in our minds to the 'villainous' so called dictators of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The protesters were holed up in Catalunya Square (reminiscent of the now famous Tahrir Square in Egypt and I believe chosen for that purpose) the excuse used by the Spanish arm of the EUSSR was that the square needed cleaning in anticipation of the result of some meaningless sporting match.

This of course is an obvious lie, protesters say it was a front ot violate their Democratic rights. I am under no illusions, under Zionist backed governments and the outright Marxist European Union the average Spanish person or indeed any person without great financial wealth have no personal rights to freedom of speech or of political association and neither do their governments care about their wellbeing.

In this I think we see a taste of things to come throughout Europe and the world. The economic situation will get worse tehere will be mass protests, the problem for these protesters is that they represent every walk of like bar the elite. They will be leaderless and unable to bargain due to conflicting interests, like the Egyptian rebels. If by some miracle a Zionist and Globalist government is usurped perhaps if a leader emerges in Europe, then perhaps the end of the antihuman cause will be seen within a lifetime.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

AV referendum explodes in Clegg's face

Thursday night was a strange spectacle, after a mere twelve months since Labour abandoned the sinking ship that is the British economy to the rather incapable hands of a snake oil salesman and an idealist who doesn't value his ideals very much, Labour have been given mandate to slash public services under the cover of the Conservative budget cuts at even greater levels. Yes, the collective ignorami have voted in even greater numbers to allow the Labour party to run/mismanage their local councils.

I am no fan of the Conservatives, nor am I a big fan of the Liberal Democrats but I cannot help but feel that both, but mainly the Lib Dems are getting an unfair level of flak levelled against them. The economy is in a mess and all three establishment parties are too scared to show the international banks the door or reinvigorate British industry with import tariffs so the only viable alternative is to slash public spending, something the Labour party would have had to do also. This is almost certainly obvious and yet benefit scrounging and past unrelinquishing labour voting masses do not see it.

Yet rather to my delight the Alternative vote system has been thrown out rather certainly with a 2:1 vote against. The system favoured only the Lib Dems and the only major country to accept it (Australia) has to force people to vote in order to keep it running. I and all supporters of everybody but the Lib Dems and the less intelligent and more enthusiastic of Labour voters are happy about this.

Of course this is a major contradiction, naturally I don't assume that the masses understand how AV forces smaller parties out and is slightly biased against parties who rely on voter loyalty. So the reason must be simpler, perhaps the system is too complicated?
The apathetic masses who already barely vote are worried about the level of energy required to number several boxes (after all many struggle to mark an x in one box)?

My simple suggestion is that British people are scared of change especially in these economically troubling times, they wish to bury their heads in the sand and take themselves back to the comfort of Labour boom area and completely forget about the bust. Other countries riot we just put our heads down and hope for the best. What a strange country Britain is.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

We wont AV it!

Once more we see the same thing as we have become accustomed to with the Westminister lie merchants, constant arguing over the minutae of legislation. We see in the ongoing arguments about the alternative vote that those people only want to lie and spin their way into getting what they want and that is the electoral pacification of us all.

In the alternative vote system the center left see a convenient way of rewriting the rulebook in order to keep patriots from having their say at the ballot box and keeping their siblings in the center right out of power for a good few years, thus keeping their noses firmly in the trough.

In the 'No' camp we have Conservatives, Socialists, Communists, Nationalists, Fascists, every body except the tiny liberal clique composed of Lib Dems and a handful of the Labour party. The AV system is a vote against the right wing and against small parties. A vote for AV is a vote for Nick Clegg and his self-righteous band of hypocrites and upper middle class parasites.

Vote 'No' on May the fifth, a vote for the AV system is a vote for regression.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

And now for something local...

If elected in the Dukinfield ward of Tameside MBC, Roy West will give ALL of his council expenses and salary to charity and local groups. The alternative to this is to give thousands to whatever self serving cause a labour or Conservative will choose to delight with taxpayers money.

Roy West has lived in Dukinfield for many years and is well known locally, for the incumbent fat marxist pig John Taylor every vote for this decent selfless man will be another well deserved kick in the balls.

Derail the Gravy train, Vote West for Dukinfield Ward councillor.

Trouble at the gates of Persia

The recent spate of western inspired protests in the Middle East continue.
We have seen the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and the invasion of Qaddaffi's Increasingly Nationalist Libya by a coalition of oil hungry Zionists. Now we are seeing a strike of opportunity on Syria, Iran's greatest ally as American inspired protests provoke the Syrian military to open fire on civilians.

Now slowly but with an ever increasing pace we are seeing a handful of creepy looking people on the news (C4 in the UK yesterday for example) stressing how vital it is that citizens be protected (sound familiar?)

Anybody under any illusions that western involvement in the middle east is driven by human decency and humanitarianism should look at how the west and its allies dealt with the protests in Bahrain.
Bahrain, a largely Shia country was invaded by Saudi, mainly Sunni Forces. Civilians were slaughtered. The US did nothing to even suggest unhappiness with the Saudi's actions.

Rest assured Syria will be subject to a western crusade by the Zionists and their Western Christian lapdogs. Iraq is conquered, Afghanistans resistance is being held back, Turkey is a western puppet state, Syria will be attacked soon, after that maybe immediately after or years after Iran will be blamed for some atrocity and war will begin. People are too cynical to believe in WMD's any more, to hurt Iran the Jews have had to resort to cyber attacks and taking a hatchet to its middle eastern neighbours in order to ensure that Iran is weakened.

To the brave Arabs, Persians, Syrians, Iraqis of the middle east I wish the best of luck in their continuing struggle against the machinery of Zionist Capitalist interests. I pray that the gods are with you.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What an optimistic fool I can be...

Any readers on here will have seen how wholeheartedly I supported the Libyan revolution. I know realise my mistake, far from being a spontaneous uprising for the good of the Libyan people (similar to those happening in Egypt etc.) This whole thing has finally revealed itself for what it really is. The first tankers of oil have left Libya for 'international trade', in other words the world serpent has coiled himself firmly around Libya ensuring that the country will only ever have the illusion of free choice and will become just another oil farm for shady international types.

The world is currently composed of hundreds of states which exist solely as regions for international finance parasites to ply their trade, most have elections but as a lot of us know an election rarely means that any free choice has been given. Any party or state which works against the globalised economy and calls for protectionism at any level is automatically targetted with bile from every part of the media and the kosher governments who tow the globalist line. Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea, European Nationalist movements, American Libertarian Movements etc. etc. All are the targets of an unrelenting hate campaign for one reason: They threaten to cut off the never ending supply of money to the parasitic super-rich such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

One hopes that the middle east will follow the example of Mr. Ahmedinejad and show the world serpent* that he is not welcome to ply his trade there!

*An allusion to the globalists, read the tale of Ragnarok and you will understand the metaphor very clearly thereafter.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Red terror and communist hypocrisy

The Globalised economy which encourages mass immigration through the dehumanising process of turning human beings into a resource to be sold and shipped to the most convenient site to run a factory is the culmination of decades of Frankfurt School Marxist social policy. This doctrine encourages greedy Capitalists to strip their home nations of their industrial base and populate the surviving factories with cheap labour from elsewhere.

I was thus shocked to be confronted with the sight of Red thugs smashing up corrupt capitalist business premises in London. Despite what its protests Marxism has been instrumental in enabling capitalism to have a stranglehold on the worlds economy, the Labour party under Tony Blair allowed the creeping privatisation of British industry with little in the way to disguise it. If anyone wonders why I use the 'centre left' labour party as an example then one only has to look at figures like Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone and the Milibands to see examples of how Communism is tolerated and even promoted within the Labour Party.

These red thugs, though I do not wish to defend the Capitalist scum who must now no doubt be working out how to pay for their damages while avoiding any loss to their wealthy staff (the lower end workers are always not worth worrying for) are either oblivious to their murderous ideologies role in promoting capitalism or wish to become a safety valve for public anger to avoid any real opposition from making a headway.
The idea of communism being the only alternative to capitalism to any informed person will be a frying pan/fire situation, especially as Social Marxism has a strong grip over our government, media and society as a whole.

I propose that all people who wish to see a free Britain and indeed a free world (Communism is a product and a friend of Zionism after all) join together. If enough men and women by some miracle can be mustered then we can perhaps disrupt the reds violence and show the world that communism does not represent what the majority of people envisage as an alternative to the current Marxist/Capitalist world economy.

All anti-Israel, anti-red and anti-Capitalists who read this I urge you to oppose Communism wherever you see it.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rocket attacks in Israel.

Shake a bee hive long enough and you will get stung. This piece of wisdom may seem to you and I as common sense but to the illegal state of Israel the idea of the oppressed fighting back is not only unlikely but an outrageous idea.

The rocket attack which killed one israeli woman comes just a few days after Israeli airstrikes injured at least 17 Palestinian citizens in Gaza, I do not know if any have been killed. It would be a miracle if there werent any fatalities, during the last major Israeli attack over a thousand Palestinians were killed by the invaders while a measly 13 Jews were killed in retaliation.

Quite how the Israelis could scream so loudly over the voices of the real victims suggests that there exists a kind of cultural insanity amongst Israel and their supporters. Israel built itself under the guise of consolation after the Jewish races supposed ruin at the hands of the German Reich but have since acted in ways that would make Himmler or even Stalin feel disgust.

I hope others will join me in condemnation of this murderous regime who have the US and European governments firmly under their thumb. All the mainstream political parties known to me in these aforementioned nations support this murderous coven of world eaters, do not consent to this murder by voting for them.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sarah Palins little trip to the Ionian coast

I've noticed that a visit to Israel has now become customary for any US politician seeking to have the puppet masters hand shoved firmly up their arse (i.e the US presidency)
One has to wonder if the sanction of Jewish state is necessary in order to 'be in charge' of the worlds largest economy and only superpower.

Most people reading this will be aware of the disproportionate influence the Israel-lobby has on US foreign policy and for those of you smart enough to connect the dots between the two will understand that Israel and the kind of people who founded it are in full control of the United States.

The case of libertarian Ron Paul proves this. Dr. Ron Paul stood for the Republican ticket in the 2008 election. Dr. Ron Paul is a man of incredible political knowledge and understanding and a man who managed to find a lot of support from the internet, another man also had the latter but certainly not the former.

Mr Barack Hussein Obama had much the same kind of internet support, the difference between the two men is that Obama is a man without any political insight, very few ideals and a brown nosing approach towards Americas greatest ally Israel (if the US needed Israeli help this alliance may prove itself not so strong)
Ron Paul steered very cleer of this sort of thing and instead favoured looking closer into US interests than in middle eastern ones.

As a result Dr. Pauls campaign was starved of media attention from the get go despite having one of the best funded campaigns of any prospective candidate, Dr.Pauls chances slipped away while Mr.Obama's campaign was given every piece of publicity he could have wished for and eventually he had the presidency itself.
Still I don't hold my breath regarding the tea party band wagon jumpers chances of success, she is the subject of ridicule from left and right. What worries me is we will have another war-mongering 'Dubya' on our hands.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Western Involvement in Libya

After weeks of conflict and the rise and decline of the anti-Gaddaffi movement, the UN has finally sent a coalition of mainly US and other western troops to attack anti-air bases and to prevent Libyan forces from attacking the rebels. This is after the rebels have been pushed out of the western part of Libya and their influence in the east has declined.

I have a suspicion that the lenght of time it has taken to reach a decision is not just because of the flawed democratic system we seem to have in place in every two-bit organisation on the planet. The west has waited for the rebels to lose influence, for them to have a greater need for foreign interference and most importantly to lessen the influence that the rebels will have in a post-gadaffi government.

This is about two things: Oil and Influence. Oil is the obvious one, it is the lifeblood of all modern day economies and to wield it is to have power and Influence. Influence is not just acquired by oil, it is acquired by having control over the worlds most useful resource, people. Control people and you control all the other resources and indeed the world. To the governments of the globalized world the idea of an independent and sovereign nation state is abhorrent, all must fall in line.

No better is my last point demonstrated but with Iran, a country that dares to defy the convension of being pro-Democratic and pro-Israel. Iran is pelted with every piece of slander that the USA and its allies can bring to bear.

What we are seeing in Libya is neo-colonialism, no longer the colonialism of old where savage nations are enriched by european medicine and schooling but the colonialism of control and economic rape. The Middle-East however remains a beacon of hope for all the peoples of the world and a fine symbol of rebellion against dictatorship disguised as democracy.