Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Games of Slaughter begin.

So it begins, and so far the international craptacular-fest has lived up to my expectations. The opening ceremony last night included a spectacular subversion of British history in which we were shown through the industrial revolution, in which Pakistani's, Orientals and Afro-Carribean were an integral part, if the ceremony is to be believed.

Would Danny Boyle dare make a film about the like of Malcolm X, starring Mel Gibson?

Would he make a film about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, with George Takei as the lead?

I highly doubt either would be considered, in fact the very idea is a joke. Yet casting non-white actors in the role of white characters (fictional and non-fictional) is almost routine.

I watched very little of the whole thing, a deliberate effort, in fact I heard about the blatant historical revisionism before I bothered to watch any of it. The whole thing sickens me, at a time of massive unemployment, a lack of housing, increased illegal immigration, economic crisis and a government riding roughshod over the will of the people, we have this ridiculous politically correct festival of commercialism and international back scratching.

If anybody still thinks that the Olympics are just a sports competition, just take a look at the advertising, the awarding of construction and to security companies that failed to complete their work in the agreed time frame, the planting of missile devices on roofs, the presence of foreign troop sent to guard the games, the corporate sponsorship that forbids people consuming rival brands anywhere near the stadium, the massive fence built near the thing, it is endless. If you have not sensed something being off all ready, you have either been living in a cave or you are pig ignorant.

Just this week Greek athlete Voula Papachristou, was banned from the Greek Olympics team for this supposedly 'racist' joke: "With so many Africans here in Greece, at least the mosquitoes from the West Nile will have lots of home food."

Can anybody find the racism in that statement?

Are there not Africans in Greece?

Are there not mosquitoes in Greece?

She was taken off the team after Communist scum reported her joke, which I believe she made on twitter. Her comments were apparently not in the international spirit of the modern Olympics.

Thankfully Greece is not a land full of block heads. Greece is the land that created the original Olympic games a games where the athletes were beaten if they cheated, where defeat was disgraceful, where all that mattered was physical prowess.All competitors were Greek.
These games existed amongst all ancient Aryan  civilisations. Earlier forms had men and women (competing separately) for the place of king and queen of the tribe or nation involved. These games involved both mental and physical challenges, they are attested to in the myths of all of the branches of the Aryan racial family, from Ireland to Russia, Sumer to Iceland.
The incumbent king was often slaughtered if he failed to successfully defend his crown.

Does this sound like the Olympics was ever intended to be all about Marxist political correctness?

Did the ancient Greeks care if the challenger made slightly racial jokes?

These questions are hypothetical like all the previous ones in this article. Foreigners would not have been allowed to compete and any insult against them would have been taken in good jest. The Olympics has grown from a competition of the physically elite to an exercise in 'Bread and circuses' with a nice amount of money making mixed into it.

Coca-colonisation, Carribeans in Union flag embellished running vests, excessive security and a violent backlash against 'Critical Mass' protesters (who use bicycles to reclaim roads), a revisionist historical genocide of White achievement.

This has been less structured than most of my posts, put it down to sheer disinterest in researching the topic. This pile of Communist horse dung can take a walk for all I care. My sympathy goes to the brave soldiers having to guard this masquerade.

Monday, 2 July 2012

BBC Hatchet Job Evaded!

A few days ago I was invited to take part in an interview by SDMC productions, a small start up production company. I was told it would be about the independent investigation of the 9/11 attacks, the Olympics etc. Little did I know that this company was actually working for the BBC to rush out another hatchet job against people who question the Rothschild's stranglehold on international finance, politics and print and broadcast media.

The most absurd of theories is being used as the basis for this documentary, the idea of an 'alien invasion' at the Olympics, either a staged one or a genuine one! I for one know of nobody who believes this, I have however heard it suggested as an outlandish theory as to what the 'definitive moment' for London mentioned in the Hazledean leak, though as an off-hand comment.

The video I have linked to has a sequel I believe, both are worth watching. Anyway it might surprise you to learn that I kept my appointment, by kept of course I mean  did not cancel it. Instead I gave the crew the run around, playing the 'late card', the 'misinterpretation card' and then the I'm awkward I want the interview here' card. All the while I had a pleasant stroll in Manchester pondering on how easy it was to waste an hour of a camera crew's time.

It seems a little childish but the way I see it is thus, if I had cancelled they would have interviewed somebody else at that time. The production company would send this off to the BBC and it would be edited to make the interviewee look like a maniac. I may have done little good but I thought it better than nothing, I naturally alerted the leader of the local 'truther' movement who had already heard about the true nature of the documentary.

I have been saved a propaganda bullet by this, I may well have done an interview on real issues for a sympathetic and small production company, but the BBC would have made another Icke of me with half the chance and an editing machine. I would like to thank the Cockney ex-patriot who warned me about this!

Interestingly enough it wasn't the first time was asked for an interview, that will only be found out by others if I ever make a mark on history and people are curious enough to want to know.