Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I imagine those few who read this blog, though few are wondering why I do not post here often.

You could say that my relationship with technology is similar to my relationship with bubbly 18 year old blondes, I am obsessed with both and neither obliges me very often.
Presently I find my two laptops unwilling to comply with any remote command, my powerful one due to the cost cutting in even the better saleable products and the second due to my autistic clumsiness and my love of carbonated drinks. Presently I must write via a smartphone and it is for times like this I am glad I bought it.

Presently I find myself engrossed in Tolkein's Sigurd and Gudrun, an English reworking of the Lay of the Volsungs and the Lay of Gudrun. In typical Tolkein fashion it is a work of brilliance and quite unexpectedly an essential read for those who feel the call of the blood.

Particularly of interest to me was the wording of a particular stanza of the lay of the volsungs when a prophecy was spake:

If in day of doom, one deathless stands,
Who death hath tasted, and dies no more,
The Serpent-Slayer, Seed of Odin,
Then all shall not end, nor Earth Perish

The stanza refers to Sigurd of course, but it still made me think. As a man who knows Odin watches over him, who has seen the face of the allfather with my own eyes it makes me ponder my place in history and why I felt drawn to the name.
Why did I take the name, SerpentSlayer?
I knew full well what the serpent represented when I took the name, I knew of the world serpent and what it represented, but I knew not who was fated to slay it, nor the greatness required of such a man.
I find myself in a quandry, unable to openly accept that I could possibly be an incarnation of Sigurd, nor that I can abandon my resolve to do everything in my power to revive the Aryan race and destroy the wicked forces that threaten to destroy us.
For that reason I do not feel that I can abandon the name, SerpentSlayer, I was fated to take it I feel. For what purpose I know not, perhaps I shall be a hero in the coming esoteric struggle, perhaps I will fail, perhaps I will aid the one who truly deserves to bear the name. Who knows.
As it is, even though typing is hard I feel compelled to air my thoughts. I know that I am one of Odin's chosen if not the one his chosen wait for in Valhöll. The steely grey of my eyes betrays this openly and the nobility of my soul perseveres as it always shall, I know the allfather has a plan for me.

We all know the world is at an interesting point in it's history and I hope to explore the particular happenings of the present in closer detail soon.

Hail Odin!