Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lies, Subterfuge and Blasphemy

Adolf Hitler 'The Great', ruler of Germany 1933-1945

Above is a link to a disgusting pseudo-intellectual article by a man I consider to be the sickest traitor to our cause I have ever come across, not least because he purports to be one of us. I hope nobody is too disturbed by it or becomes demoralised by the lies it contains.

In it he slanders one of the finest human beings to have ever lived based off of gossip surrounding the man's grandmother and the fact that Ernst Rohm was a homosexual. I have outlined my position in this open letter to Simon Gibson below:

To Mr.Gibson,

I take this article as a declaration of war against heaven. As an ‘avatar’ of Odin the hanged god, Adolf Hitler was a representative of Asgard, home to the progenitors of the Aryan race.
All the conclusions you have made are based off of hearsay and in my opinion, spite, spite aginst the only man who could speak up for Germany and for German people in their darkest hour. He was a man sent by the Aesir, an old soul who had lived many centuries and thus into a pureblooded German body. The man suffered immense hardship and victimisation by the Jewish state as did all who followed him. You have wrote many entertaining paragraphs about things peripheral to the articles bold and heretical title and none of them have convinced me that you are anything but a fool and a jackanape.

You even take the word of Jewish historians to describe the Fuhrer, that says it all. Ever since he registered on their radar they have slandered him with the same accusations you are regurgitating

Your presupposition was that Rohm had some massive influence of the Führer, that maybe he was in love with him. Even the rubbish and biased state education I recieved did not deny that the Führer ordered that fat faggot shot. I see no reason to nitpick every word you have written but I can state that you have the wrong frame of mind for the oncoming struggle, should we ever meet Mr.Gibson I would be happy to educate you in the error of your ways as gentlemen should resolve such matters.

In the meantime I suggest you rethink your life and evaluate whether you are in this  for  the good of the Aryan race and of our holy ancestors in Asgard, Alfheim and Vanaheim.

Yours most sincerely and despite the letter writing convention,
Robert Shepard,
Cult of the hanged god.

I as I have rarely if ever mentioned on here subscribe to the belief that Hitler was either a messenger of the gods, or something supernatural himself. (Some believe one of the autistics, who were once believed to be Elves in human form according to folk tales, a belief I do not discourage the spread of)
As such I have a devotion as strong to him as I have to my people, I believe, like Odin he is the very embodiment of Aryan values and to denigrate him is to denigrate our race as a whole. Whats more I must emphasise that in fighting communism, the Führer stood not only for the Aryan race but for all other human races. The Zionists wish to see us all destroyed, preferably by mutual destruction and it would be foolish to reject this man out of the Judeo-Marxist concept of 'racism' or any other such baloney. To fight Zionism you must raise the banner they fear most, that of the sun cross, preferably in the form that shines the brightest, with the red background, white circle and the black hooked cross.

It is not politically correct to say but I say this from the inner depths of my heart:

Heil Hitler.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An interesting video blog

The following two videos are v-logs made by a friend of mine from America. Like many Americans he is deeply concerned about the recent NDAA act (see MW passim) and as an American patriot, fears for his freedom. Nonetheless he is determined to make a stand and in response to US tyranny he is now a more vocal opponent of the system than ever. He is getting more subscribers every day and I hope you will join them:

Monday, 2 January 2012

An interesting year ahead for the world.

That's 2011 over with and what a year it has been!

The Arab Spring (and Summer, Autumn...) The occupy protests, The fall of Gaddaffi, the death of Osama and the usual violence emanating from a small Ionian coast nation towards anything which gets within range of its venom.

Of course I fully expect 2012 to be just as eventful if not more. This years could be the years when things start to noticeably change for Israel and its allies. In the US we have the draconian National Defense Authorisation act for the fiscal year 2012, which allows for the detention without charge (and naturally without trial) indefinitely of anybody the US military suspects of terrorism.

Of course the idea is that the American public will believe that the people being detained are a load of backwards stereotyped Arab terrorists and think this is a good thing, luckily most commentators know better and the act looks to become a major source of contention as the nation gears up to this years presidential elections in which it seems the Libertarian minded Republican Ron Paul seems to be set to make a major challenge for the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

As we know Ron Paul is no fan of big government, attacks on civil liberties or wars for Israel.
The establishment candidates are throwing everything they can at him, even the dreaded r-word* has reared it's character destroying head. Their is even increased talk of secession for some states, Texas in particular. The United States will change this year, either for better or for worse.

In France we also have presidential elections where it looks like the Front National may make a serious challenge against the 'Zionist' tribesman Sarkozy who is currently in the habit of looking tough on immigration, forcing immigrants to speak French and such while secretly his trousers become browner by the day. It seems he is keen to split the Patriotic vote, either that or he is deluded enough to think he can win it. Sure as eggs is eggs the Zionist establishment in France will do everything they can to prevent Marine Le Pen from taking France out of the EU and withdrawing its troops from Zionist wars in the Middle East.

Moving onto the Middle East we see a stronger push for a true Palestinian state, a second revolution in Egypt as well as the continuing violence in Syria (after finding no solid evidence of wrongdoing by the state, the latest cry from the BBC is that the observers are incompetent!) so it looks to be war, if the Israel lobby can manage to convince us via its media that

Finally, growing weary of writing this big bloody article we move onto old Blighty. This year we are hosting a massive waste of money in the east end (where the cockneys used to live).
The Olympics is being bummed up something rotten by state television, showing their 'ZION' logo at every opportunity and talking to middle class nit-wits whose knickers are wringing at the opportunity to be subjected to non-stop advertising by huge corporations and multi-culti propaganda every minute for a few week.

It all looks set to blow up in the Tories faces, literally even, if Iran get some fuel rods from Russia and David "Rothschild's bumboy" Cameron continues pissing Ahmedinejad off at every opportunity.

I won't insult my small readerships intellect by pretending that this year will be a good one for British Nationalism, I'll save that for the next article.

Till I have nothing better to do than whinge on the Internet, see you folks!

*Racism-a term for somebody who thinks Marxist dogma is bullshit.