Friday, 23 December 2011

Reflections of the SerpentSlayer:

It seems like the time to reflect on a few of my own personal understandings of the religion that I belong to. I have not been on here for a while due to hardwear difficulties and if it were not for a good comrade I may have been offline for a considerably longer time.

This blog is named the 'Midgard Watcher' as an allusion to the old way of refering to the Earth we dwell upon as being in the middle of many other worlds, in ancient Germanic mythology there are believed to be nine 'worlds' or spiritual planes housing gods (powers), elves (spirits), giants (representing chaotic phenomena) amongst others. Midgard is the home of the human races to which my race of Europeans belong.

While I believe that all races of humanity are threatened by dark forces (namely greed and hatred) I believe that my European race is threatened above all by the actions of its corrupted leaders and of the race represented by Jormungandr in Germanic Mythology. This is actively leading to my race being destroyed.

I started this blog in reaction to the Arab spring and to the genocide being perpetrated by the Zionist occupiers of Palestine. Like many people I am disgusted by the abuses against fellow humans and in this I see the true face of an anti-human force at work. However while Israeli troops slaughter those who dwell on territory they claim as their own, their tribesmen in the west enslave the countries of my kinsmen through debt, political manipulation and propaganda.

We are told to live decadent and hedonistic lifestyles, venerate shallow celebrities and material wealth and to never question mass non-white immigration into our lands.

The latter is perhaps the most dangerous of all for the people who usually take the brunt of the retalliation to mass immigration are the immigrants themselves who for the most part are merely taking advantage of a generous offer to live a better life. Even worse yet are the accusations of the dreaded 'racism' thrown at anybody (including sometimes the immigrants themselves) who dare to question the genocide of White peoples or to venerate something other than the bullshit dogma of equality and colour blindedness.

These are the tools used against us, we have political parties who dare not deviate from the approved social ideology of Marxism, an openly crooked media who portray frivolous and meaningless lifestyles as desirable and a parasitic financial system operated for the benefit of it's controllers.

With this knowledge we can understand why I use the name SerpentSlayer and why I use an image of Thor, the slayer of giants facing off against the mighty serpent Jormungandr. During the end times as prophesised in the Icelandic poem 'Voluspo', Jormungandr envelops himself around the world only to find once he has conquered it and his head meets his tail, that he has overreached himself and that he his slain by Thor and his mighty hammer Mjolnir.

By illuminating the work of the serpent I suppose I am in my own way chanelling the spirit of our ancient protector. I urge us all whichever human race we belong to to do the same. Educate yourself and help bring down this murderous beast once and for all, once European kind have fell it will happily overthrow everybody else.

I will post more in depth articles on the subject of European natural religion soon.

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