Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Campaign For Liberty

Image from www.dailypaul.com

I mentioned at the start of this year a list of big events that will shape the future of the world that are set to occur this year. Amongst them lies a flicker of hope for the United States of America. The United States were born out of the fierce independent spirit of the European colonists inhabiting the Southern part of British North America. They wanted to live without high taxation, without a heavy handed government dictating to the populace, to be able to think and say whatever they wanted.
Look at the United States of America today, they have a federal reserve vacuuming every bit of cash it can, a military that is sent to police the world, increasing taxes, more and more legislation controlling the minutiae of everyday life. Programs to control education, to nationalise the health care system (practicable in Europe but not in the US in my opinion) and a 'democratic' system that produces the same wealthy, Israel backing candidates every four years.

There is one candidate that stands out though and I'm sure you noticed the man's image at the top of the article.  Dr. Ron Paul, a USAAF veteran and practicing obstetrician-gynaecologist for twenty years. he has never voted to increase taxes, he has never voted to approve a budget deficit,  he has consistently warned against the danger of inflation and voted against against the Iraq War.

The man stands for everything that America was founded to be and against everything the Globalists wish it to become.

I have posted video blogs made by a friend of mine here a few times, that same friend works tirelessly for Ron Paul's campaign in California, they have a chance of winning the primary there. I urge you to help Ron Paul's campaign in anyway, please visit the campaign website here:

I also urge you to donate to the campaign in California, the candidates often work hard and the expenses of campaigning are often taken from their own pockets. Here is their website:

I wish all American patriots fighting for the liberty of their nation the best of luck in all of their political endeavours.

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