Saturday, 8 September 2012

Iran moves elite troops to Syria to quell foreign backed terrorism.

I have great news, for those of you who haven't heard already, the police actions being taken by the Syrian army against a mix of foreign Jihadists, home-grown fanatics and foreign spies has been bolstered by the deployment of Revolutionary Guard commanders to help the Syrian government put an end to the mass disorder  on her streets. Ever since the disruption began it has been clear to all who are not easily fooled that the 'uprising' in Syria (which were accompanied with muted and soon extinguished ones in Iran also) was nothing more than an attempt to further isolate Iran and thus allow Israel, world finance and oil powers to dominate a divided and disorderly middle east.

Much like how the removal of Gadaffi helped to liberate Libya (well it's oil anyway) the west hoped that they would be allowed to plunge Syria into a decade or two of internal strife in order to neuter any assistance they may give Iran, a nation of vast oil resources who oppose the presence of the murdering Zionist state of Israel, who continue to kill their neighbours, absorb millions of US taxpayer's dollars every day and provoke war against their critics near perpetually. The struggle in Syria is not won yet but thanks to Russia and China preventing a UN task force interfering, I think that the threat of a western attack is much less likely, the presence of Iranian troops may just seal the deal.

On other matters, am I the only one sensing a great urgency as the year continues?
There was the possible threat of attack on the Olympics which may have precipitated this but I have heard others less involved in politics feeling the same. Perhaps the threat is not abated, maybe an attack will still happen to justify another mad foreign war, perhaps the floods too. If these happen I hope that the most important prophecy also comes true and the hooded man returns to the forest.


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