Friday, 21 December 2012

Apocalypse? This is just the start!

I had been hoping to post on this earlier but it being winter, I have been spending my time in books and enjoying the town I live in as much as possible, enjoying the caf├ęs, the people, the early twilights, the festive feel.

There has been much ado about the Mayan Calendar and the foreboding surrounding 'apocalypse' theories, I would like to clear this up right now by saying that this is nonsense, even the Mayan acknowledge that this is not some Christian type apocalypse. I blame Christian and Jewish media sensationalists for spreading this myth, because it does not fit in with their linear view of time. For the Mayans this is the transitioning of their calendar from one age to another, it is to us Europeans the end of the age of Pisces and as the famous song goes, the dawning of the age of Aquarius!

A Millenia ago, the Mayans were visited by a man they named Quetzalcoatl, a blonde haired, blue eyed and tall man of great wisdom, a poet and healer, who foretold this and his own return sometime around now, either this October or now and a great change in the world order culminating in many deaths. I choose to entertain the myth of Quetzalcoatl for obvious reasons, this man either was one of the old gods of Asgard/Osyeard, or an emissary and priest send to do their work and plant the seed of this myth, in full knowledge that similar myths may not survive in Europe (with the Heathens being on the back foot around 1000ad) whether Quetzalcoatl, Woden, Tyr, Baldr or whoever it was returns in physical form is not important.

What is necessary if that the worldview and understanding of Pre-Christian, Pre-Jewish, Pre-Islam thinking returns to us. Man was once aware of the cycles of the stars and planets, of the essence contained in the belief of the gods, that has been washed away by narrow minded dogma, a reliance on small books to understand a much greater universe. We must rediscover our old ways, old gods and love of our people above a universalist, jealous god, who incites his followers to wage war on those who do not follow him and even each other.

It is especially important that we Europeans rediscover our ancient ways, for long has a race once known as the 'Axe-people' been comfortable to kneel and close palms hoping their troubles will allay, hating their own bodies for being a reminder of the original sin and for considering women to be lesser than men for it, long have we held unnatural views about venerating the weak and the cowardly and even worse for venerating so-called 'chosen people' of that same god and allowing them to guilt us out of gold, land and even our own blood.

If mankind is to become at one with himself, comfortable with his family, nature and the spirits of his ancestors for guides, then he must abandon the Abrahamic view of the world. Mankind is not sinful, he is a wonder in all his forms, part of nature, yet separate, caring of nature and yet able to look it in the eye while healthy and take what he needs from it, he is intelligent, strong, cunning and brave, capable of love and hatred. To allow ancient doctrines based on the whim of a handful of people to enslave an entire species would be the biggest 'sin' anyone of us could commit.

Honour the gods, Honour the soil, Honour your people. It really is as simple as that.

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