Friday, 18 January 2013

A Summation of the Last Year, and a message to those that tread into the new.

2013 is here and we are over halfway through January already. The world find itself in a state no dissimilar from what it was throughout the last, no massive world changing events as many, like myself had predicted. Just incremental change of the type we have had since around the time of the Arab spring. people are poorer, angrier and more powerless to shape their own fates by the day. Globalism has grown strong and arrogant, it now believes it can disarm, silence, murder, spy on people and generally do what it likes.

One could truly say that if the serpent has not reached it's tail then it soon will do, my point being that the shadowy cliques that centre around powerful banking dynasties have enveloped the world. controlling, watching and enslaving virtually everyone within it.  If you aren't a wage slave, placated by intrinsically worthless paper money, then you are being forced out of your home, starving, left to rot. People are shifted across continents to drive down the wages of western peoples, wars are fought to secure oil supplies in the name of 'democracy' and 'freedom', words spoken by men and women who have no loyalty to either.

The only remotely strong resistance to the proponents of human slavery and totalitarian Communist-Capitalism are states such as Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba, with China and Russia curbing the ambitions of the world destroying Federal United States Government and it's puppets and puppet master, Israel.

Things are not looking good, the Anti-Globalism, Pro-Liberty candidate in the US was beaten by eventual loser Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries, Nationalist movements across Europe vary from moderate hopes of success (Golden Dawn) to the dead and dying (BNP). Truth be told the prospects fora reversal of the worlds fortunes look slim. Only the Norns know what this year will bring for us all but until then all those opposed to tyranny should be prepared to do what they must to bring it down. Hoard supplies, train your body, learn new skills, acquire contacts and await the arrival of the game-changer.


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