Friday, 22 March 2013

An Evil Empire

The Banner of the Evil Empire.

The flag above is recognisable to most who read this, it is the flag of the European Union, a superstate that purports to be merely some kind of innocent forum for European Political and Cultural cooperation but in actuality is more concerned with gaining more and more political, economic and legal control over the states that it devours. The flag itself is said to symbolise the twelve Olympian gods of classical antiquity, shared by both the Grecian and Roman spheres of influence in the ancient world and with whom we are well acquainted, with such memorable figures as Zeus, the lightening bolt-throwing king of the gods, Ares, the quick to anger god of war and Aphrodite, the embodiment of feminine beauty and youthfulness. With this in mind I cannot help but wonder at the fury that has been invoked by the shameless EU plunderers who have seen Greece and Grecian Cyprus bankrupted under this banner.

This week Cyprus, a small nation whose economy relies primarily on agriculture and tourism, a country that never should have been bound to a single currency with industrial giants like Germany and France, was given an ultimatum. Cyprus in the wake of the much larger Global and European Economic collapses has found itself the victim of the EU's bullying and with unspoken threats as to the consequences of leaving the Evil Empire has submitted to a bloodletting so as it can temporarily keep it's head above the financial waters.
In exchange for a multi-billion Euro 'bailout' from the Rothschildian International Monetary fund, ordinary Cypriots are to have their bank accounts pilfered from in a disgraceful attempt to appease the monstrous beast that the EU has become.

To most of us Pagan 'Wolf-Heads' who stalk the perimeters of the dying 'Western' civilisation, licking our lips and waiting for our moment to lunge, this is just the latest in a catalogue of outrages that the EU and it's collective governments have perpetrated upon the European people (and that is not to forget the incessant warmongering of it's constituent states in the Middle East and Africa!). I have long-watched as the spineless traitors in Westminster try and conceal their grins as they tell us that the demands of the people cannot be met due to directives from Brussels and it has been apparent for sometime that our parliament is completely subservient to foreign powers, the EU is but one more servant of the Rothschildian Empire of influence, as with Israel and the USA.

As such I feel compelled to warn all who read this blog (the two of you and your dog, that is) that the European Union is but a single tentacle of a much greater beast, the world-serpent alluded to in my pen-name here. In the coming decade we shall see Europe slide ever more into turmoil and unrest, "Blood, Fire and Death" to quote the name of a Bathory record.

We shall see the tyrants push further and take more from the beleaguered and ever less numerous Europeans, we will see Islamists make capitol from the ensuing disorder, poised as they are by decades of preparation for the furtherment of Islam in our lands and near the end we shall see White Europe revived, surrounded by enemies and without established leadership.

Only time shall tell if the peoples of the 'West' will survive the coming turmoil but I encourage all here to prepare themselves for the darkest of times, the grimmest of sagas, the end of ages. If you are not versed in the arts of crawling, carrying heavy weight, using warrior's weapons and of wilderness living, then I suggest you get training yourself. I worry not about those who will ignore my words for in this crucible we are to be pitted, only the most worthy Europeans will survive (and plenty of those who are worthy will not survive either) and those who still naively believe that our leaders or who we replace them with a in a few years will eventually 'come through' for us, are not worth saving.

The Evil Empire grows ever stronger, their demands will be met with rioting and chaos, they will send their mercenaries far and wide to quash rebellion, they will expect to scatter sheep, instead they will feel the crush of Wolves jaws.

Keep strong all of you,


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