Saturday, 20 April 2013

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!

On the twentieth of April in the year (of the common reckoning) eighteen-hundred and eighty-nine a baby boy was brought into a world undergoing a cultural high point. The great civilisations of Europe held control over most of the globe, scientific discovery was abounding, industry was booming and many of the great cultural works of our known history were produced.

This young boy grew into a man who saw Europe torn apart by a bloody and pointless civil war, taking an active part in his nation's struggle he earned the two highest awards for bravery his country offered and was wounded several times.

After the war he found his nation beset by political and economic turmoil, he actively fought the threat of Communism and ousted the men who would have used his people as walking piggy banks. This man died defending his nation from Communism, if it were not for his efforts, Western Europe would likely have fell to Communism also.

On this day I urge you all to honour the Führer, Adolf Hitler, and thank him for saving us from a nightmarish existence, few of us today can imagine. Communism survives in a changed form and endeavours to tear away all of our natural rights in the name of security and ideological conformity, look to this man and we will learn how to destroy it.

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler.

N.B Sigurd's day is only three days away, use the day as an opportunity to celebrate the shared legacy of all Germanic peoples, be they English, Danes, Norse, Swedes, Germans, Dutch or Scots!


  1. What about Greeks?

    1. Greeks are grand, a race of heroes in ancient times and it looks like they will be again soon. But as Hitler was a German (I.e of the Germanic tribes) I only mentioned the various modern Germanic peoples. I suppose we can venerate all indo-European heroes, but we should be proud of our own tribes especially.
      Think of Alexander, Lysander, Leonidas, Ajax, Achilles and the many great Greeks who are yet to make names for themselves!