Saturday, 23 April 2011

Trouble at the gates of Persia

The recent spate of western inspired protests in the Middle East continue.
We have seen the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and the invasion of Qaddaffi's Increasingly Nationalist Libya by a coalition of oil hungry Zionists. Now we are seeing a strike of opportunity on Syria, Iran's greatest ally as American inspired protests provoke the Syrian military to open fire on civilians.

Now slowly but with an ever increasing pace we are seeing a handful of creepy looking people on the news (C4 in the UK yesterday for example) stressing how vital it is that citizens be protected (sound familiar?)

Anybody under any illusions that western involvement in the middle east is driven by human decency and humanitarianism should look at how the west and its allies dealt with the protests in Bahrain.
Bahrain, a largely Shia country was invaded by Saudi, mainly Sunni Forces. Civilians were slaughtered. The US did nothing to even suggest unhappiness with the Saudi's actions.

Rest assured Syria will be subject to a western crusade by the Zionists and their Western Christian lapdogs. Iraq is conquered, Afghanistans resistance is being held back, Turkey is a western puppet state, Syria will be attacked soon, after that maybe immediately after or years after Iran will be blamed for some atrocity and war will begin. People are too cynical to believe in WMD's any more, to hurt Iran the Jews have had to resort to cyber attacks and taking a hatchet to its middle eastern neighbours in order to ensure that Iran is weakened.

To the brave Arabs, Persians, Syrians, Iraqis of the middle east I wish the best of luck in their continuing struggle against the machinery of Zionist Capitalist interests. I pray that the gods are with you.

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