Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What an optimistic fool I can be...

Any readers on here will have seen how wholeheartedly I supported the Libyan revolution. I know realise my mistake, far from being a spontaneous uprising for the good of the Libyan people (similar to those happening in Egypt etc.) This whole thing has finally revealed itself for what it really is. The first tankers of oil have left Libya for 'international trade', in other words the world serpent has coiled himself firmly around Libya ensuring that the country will only ever have the illusion of free choice and will become just another oil farm for shady international types.

The world is currently composed of hundreds of states which exist solely as regions for international finance parasites to ply their trade, most have elections but as a lot of us know an election rarely means that any free choice has been given. Any party or state which works against the globalised economy and calls for protectionism at any level is automatically targetted with bile from every part of the media and the kosher governments who tow the globalist line. Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea, European Nationalist movements, American Libertarian Movements etc. etc. All are the targets of an unrelenting hate campaign for one reason: They threaten to cut off the never ending supply of money to the parasitic super-rich such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

One hopes that the middle east will follow the example of Mr. Ahmedinejad and show the world serpent* that he is not welcome to ply his trade there!

*An allusion to the globalists, read the tale of Ragnarok and you will understand the metaphor very clearly thereafter.

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