Saturday, 7 May 2011

AV referendum explodes in Clegg's face

Thursday night was a strange spectacle, after a mere twelve months since Labour abandoned the sinking ship that is the British economy to the rather incapable hands of a snake oil salesman and an idealist who doesn't value his ideals very much, Labour have been given mandate to slash public services under the cover of the Conservative budget cuts at even greater levels. Yes, the collective ignorami have voted in even greater numbers to allow the Labour party to run/mismanage their local councils.

I am no fan of the Conservatives, nor am I a big fan of the Liberal Democrats but I cannot help but feel that both, but mainly the Lib Dems are getting an unfair level of flak levelled against them. The economy is in a mess and all three establishment parties are too scared to show the international banks the door or reinvigorate British industry with import tariffs so the only viable alternative is to slash public spending, something the Labour party would have had to do also. This is almost certainly obvious and yet benefit scrounging and past unrelinquishing labour voting masses do not see it.

Yet rather to my delight the Alternative vote system has been thrown out rather certainly with a 2:1 vote against. The system favoured only the Lib Dems and the only major country to accept it (Australia) has to force people to vote in order to keep it running. I and all supporters of everybody but the Lib Dems and the less intelligent and more enthusiastic of Labour voters are happy about this.

Of course this is a major contradiction, naturally I don't assume that the masses understand how AV forces smaller parties out and is slightly biased against parties who rely on voter loyalty. So the reason must be simpler, perhaps the system is too complicated?
The apathetic masses who already barely vote are worried about the level of energy required to number several boxes (after all many struggle to mark an x in one box)?

My simple suggestion is that British people are scared of change especially in these economically troubling times, they wish to bury their heads in the sand and take themselves back to the comfort of Labour boom area and completely forget about the bust. Other countries riot we just put our heads down and hope for the best. What a strange country Britain is.


  1. He needs to look at the terribe record of Lib/Dem Councillors being Child Molesters.