Friday, 27 May 2011

The joys of Western Democracy

There is a deafening silence on the news channels of the western world today as attacks on protesters, which seems to be the latest craze, go unreported by the sensationalist news media.

Attacks on protesters are the perfect fodder for the usual emotive journalism we see day to day in Blighty.

So why, you ask have we not heard anything on the news about this?

You may ask where this takes place Syria? Iran? Lebanon?

And thus lies the answer. In Spain today protesters who took to the streets to demonstrate their distaste with the Globalist economic practises that swell the ranks of Spains unemployed were attacked with batons and rubber bullets in a fashion more suited in our minds to the 'villainous' so called dictators of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The protesters were holed up in Catalunya Square (reminiscent of the now famous Tahrir Square in Egypt and I believe chosen for that purpose) the excuse used by the Spanish arm of the EUSSR was that the square needed cleaning in anticipation of the result of some meaningless sporting match.

This of course is an obvious lie, protesters say it was a front ot violate their Democratic rights. I am under no illusions, under Zionist backed governments and the outright Marxist European Union the average Spanish person or indeed any person without great financial wealth have no personal rights to freedom of speech or of political association and neither do their governments care about their wellbeing.

In this I think we see a taste of things to come throughout Europe and the world. The economic situation will get worse tehere will be mass protests, the problem for these protesters is that they represent every walk of like bar the elite. They will be leaderless and unable to bargain due to conflicting interests, like the Egyptian rebels. If by some miracle a Zionist and Globalist government is usurped perhaps if a leader emerges in Europe, then perhaps the end of the antihuman cause will be seen within a lifetime.

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