Saturday, 25 June 2011

Zionist airstrike kills fifteen civilians in Brega...

I have talked before about the real motive behind the involvement of Zionist forces in Libya. Now it seems we have reached the point where the original excuse for the invasion has been conveniently forgotten. The junk food and mindrotting television consuming masses of the west were fed the lie that NATO's involvement was required to protect civilians.

Just the other day nine civilians were killed in Tripoli today, I tutted at the screen of my television. Upon hearing the news today I have been pushed past my boiling point. I can no longer sit by and allow this blog to go idle. Today fifteen civilians were killed and twenty wounded by a NATO airstrike on the town of Brega.

Let me remind you of why these people were killed. Libya sits on a massive pile of oil and natural resources, Gaddafi would not trade this oil to the west on their terms. The natural reaction to this is to incite protests and rebellion in order to provoke a backlash from the government that will justify invasion. Within weeks of NATO invading Libya the oil was carted away in tankers to earn profits for greedy hook nosed oil tycoons.

Thus we see the motivation of the neo-crusaders, greed. Libyan people are blown to pieces, Palestinians murdered in their homes, Africans starve, Europeans who were once the masters of the world are allowed to become soulless wage slaves to an all powerful globalist system.

This will continue until people realise that their meaningless television shows and video games are worthless and that they need to reclaim their nations from the scheming liars and deviants that use their resources for murder and ethnic cleansing.

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