Sunday, 5 June 2011

The fangs come out in occupied Palestine...

May I rewind the clock to February the fifteenth when 600 Libyan protestors took to the streets to take part in the first mass protest of the civil war. Within days live rounds were being fired on protesters. The next day the protesters fought back. A month later the world intervened.

Israel has been orchestrating mass deportations and murders against people who at first barely fought back since 1948. Israel takes $6 billion in foreign aid from the US every year including aid specifically sent for military purposes.

May I remind you that Israel are a developed nation, unlike the usual targets for foreign aid such as Pakistan, India, Africa, Latin America etc.

While countries like Libya and Iraq who decided to privatise their oil and to trade with it in Euros are invaded and toppled, countries like Israel who are not just part time killers recieve money in order to do so!

I am of course outraged by the murder of Syrian and Palestinian protesters on the 'border' of occupied Palestine and my sympathies go to the friends and families of those lost in the struggle for freedom, mostly though I am outraged by the silence of Western politicians. Of course we all know that politicians in countries like Britain, America, France and Germany all over one another to praise Israel and its barbarism and meddling. The western world and much of the rest are firmly under the thumb of Israeli lobbyists, Jewish financiers and Jewish media moguls.

We in Britain are just as occupied as the people of Palestine. I just hope that the current trend continues and people stand up to Zionism, before all human civilisation and culture  is lost.

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