Saturday, 26 March 2011

Red terror and communist hypocrisy

The Globalised economy which encourages mass immigration through the dehumanising process of turning human beings into a resource to be sold and shipped to the most convenient site to run a factory is the culmination of decades of Frankfurt School Marxist social policy. This doctrine encourages greedy Capitalists to strip their home nations of their industrial base and populate the surviving factories with cheap labour from elsewhere.

I was thus shocked to be confronted with the sight of Red thugs smashing up corrupt capitalist business premises in London. Despite what its protests Marxism has been instrumental in enabling capitalism to have a stranglehold on the worlds economy, the Labour party under Tony Blair allowed the creeping privatisation of British industry with little in the way to disguise it. If anyone wonders why I use the 'centre left' labour party as an example then one only has to look at figures like Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone and the Milibands to see examples of how Communism is tolerated and even promoted within the Labour Party.

These red thugs, though I do not wish to defend the Capitalist scum who must now no doubt be working out how to pay for their damages while avoiding any loss to their wealthy staff (the lower end workers are always not worth worrying for) are either oblivious to their murderous ideologies role in promoting capitalism or wish to become a safety valve for public anger to avoid any real opposition from making a headway.
The idea of communism being the only alternative to capitalism to any informed person will be a frying pan/fire situation, especially as Social Marxism has a strong grip over our government, media and society as a whole.

I propose that all people who wish to see a free Britain and indeed a free world (Communism is a product and a friend of Zionism after all) join together. If enough men and women by some miracle can be mustered then we can perhaps disrupt the reds violence and show the world that communism does not represent what the majority of people envisage as an alternative to the current Marxist/Capitalist world economy.

All anti-Israel, anti-red and anti-Capitalists who read this I urge you to oppose Communism wherever you see it.

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