Monday, 11 June 2012

A Midyear Perspective

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So far the year has progressed much as anybody could have anticipated. In my first post of 2012 located here I told of all the potential big political events of the year ahead and how this year would bear witness to radical geopolitical changes.

So far we have seen Marine Le Pen narrowly lose out on the second round of the French Elections, continuing terrorism against the Syrian state and Western agitation to intervene, ongoing social disorder in Spain and Greece, the death throes of the Euro currency, the U.S passing laws to allow the indefinite detention of it's own citizens and worse besides. But so far this year has been much like any other, the real change this year will come from elsewhere.

As I type this we are just over a month away from the heralded London Olympic games, a games that has been mentioned near enough without pause in every newspaper and news programme since the start of the year. The games of course have not been without controversy, not leasts with the cost and the fiasco surrounding the preparation of the sites. As many of us already know, the logo of the games can easily be manoeuvred to spell the word 'Zion', with the dot of the eye being the clue (and unnecessary to '2012') this for most people is considered to be an example of the Jewish involvement in the design of the logo and nothing else.

There is more however, the main Olympic park is built on a disused Nuclear reactor, an 'experimental nuclear site' as I have heard it called by BBC news (a long time ago).
The security for the games has also been rather significant, air to missile defences have been built on top of buildings, thousands of soldiers are expected to be present and the most sinister thing is, the presence of G4S, a private security firm accused of war crimes in Jewish-occupied Palestine. The security is there, not without reason. It is there for show.

The nuclear reactor, I believe is not completely disused. The following video was brought to my attention by a comrade a few weeks ago:

In it is foretold a catastrophe, a planned catastrophe. The Olympic stadium is to be sacrificed to the fires, mostly likely to justify war with Iran and Syria. Thousands are expected to die.

In this poem The Prophecy of the Wulf the above event is foretold, along with the unrest that will follow. I also believe that, perhaps as a result of the explosion, flooding will engulf southern England, I myself have dreamt of this and am not alone in having done so. The dream only had significance once I heard that others have also witnessed dreams of disastrous flooding. In the dream I saw a woman swept away by the water. I can only hope that none of this comes to pass. On the other hand I suggest watching the video, reading the poem, to learn all you can and to make our own decisions as to the truth of the matter and what to be done in either event.

The teeth shall meet the tail. 


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