Sunday, 24 June 2012

Victory for the Egyptian revolution!

Palestinians celebrate the victory of their Egyptian brothers.

I am very pleased to announce that Mohamed Morsi, leader of the freedom and justice party in Egypt and representative of the Muslim Brotherhood has been duly elected as the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. I have followed the Egyptian revolution since the beginning and I am happy to see that the toil and effort of all those who sacrificed, in some cases everything, in the fight against the American puppet Hosni Mubarak have been rewarded with a victory.

Unfortunately the victory is not yet complete, the Egyptian military is still firmly entrenched and holds a great deal of power. For Egypt to be free, they must force the military to cede power to the civilian government. Egypt may, for tonight celebrate, as will the inhabitants of many countries in the region. This is very good news for all enemies of the pirate state of Israel, especially for those in occupied Palestine.

Lets hope that this is yet one more step towards the end of that genocidal state.

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