Thursday, 28 June 2012

A chilling leak

A leak, by an undercover journalist has added weight to my earlier prediction and the many other predictions by various people that there will be a false flag attack against the Olympics:

Edit 04:50 30/06/2012 There is also a video on the matter by Alex Jones that was hacked and made private by unknown forces, as I type it is to be found below:

The article tells of barely vetted staff being trained to evacuate the city and told of masses of Coffins being readied for the games. Foreign troops will be present (in contravention of Magna Carta I believe, something to do with King John bringing in Danes to squash dissent from his Barons) checkpoints are left unguarded and drones are to fly in the sky, staff were shown videos of drones killing insurgents in Afghanistan!

This whole thing stinks, it is in no way definitive proof of a potential false flag to justify tyranny on British soil but it does add weight to the idea. Whether this will happen or not, I urge people to spread word of this, we all know how the twin towers attacks were known to the Yanks before they happened and how they have justified attacks on other countries and on our own civil liberties in the name of fighting the spectre of terrorism. If enough people know, maybe this won't happen, but still prepare for the worst.


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