Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rocket attacks in Israel.

Shake a bee hive long enough and you will get stung. This piece of wisdom may seem to you and I as common sense but to the illegal state of Israel the idea of the oppressed fighting back is not only unlikely but an outrageous idea.

The rocket attack which killed one israeli woman comes just a few days after Israeli airstrikes injured at least 17 Palestinian citizens in Gaza, I do not know if any have been killed. It would be a miracle if there werent any fatalities, during the last major Israeli attack over a thousand Palestinians were killed by the invaders while a measly 13 Jews were killed in retaliation.

Quite how the Israelis could scream so loudly over the voices of the real victims suggests that there exists a kind of cultural insanity amongst Israel and their supporters. Israel built itself under the guise of consolation after the Jewish races supposed ruin at the hands of the German Reich but have since acted in ways that would make Himmler or even Stalin feel disgust.

I hope others will join me in condemnation of this murderous regime who have the US and European governments firmly under their thumb. All the mainstream political parties known to me in these aforementioned nations support this murderous coven of world eaters, do not consent to this murder by voting for them.

Thank you for reading.

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