Sunday, 20 March 2011

Western Involvement in Libya

After weeks of conflict and the rise and decline of the anti-Gaddaffi movement, the UN has finally sent a coalition of mainly US and other western troops to attack anti-air bases and to prevent Libyan forces from attacking the rebels. This is after the rebels have been pushed out of the western part of Libya and their influence in the east has declined.

I have a suspicion that the lenght of time it has taken to reach a decision is not just because of the flawed democratic system we seem to have in place in every two-bit organisation on the planet. The west has waited for the rebels to lose influence, for them to have a greater need for foreign interference and most importantly to lessen the influence that the rebels will have in a post-gadaffi government.

This is about two things: Oil and Influence. Oil is the obvious one, it is the lifeblood of all modern day economies and to wield it is to have power and Influence. Influence is not just acquired by oil, it is acquired by having control over the worlds most useful resource, people. Control people and you control all the other resources and indeed the world. To the governments of the globalized world the idea of an independent and sovereign nation state is abhorrent, all must fall in line.

No better is my last point demonstrated but with Iran, a country that dares to defy the convension of being pro-Democratic and pro-Israel. Iran is pelted with every piece of slander that the USA and its allies can bring to bear.

What we are seeing in Libya is neo-colonialism, no longer the colonialism of old where savage nations are enriched by european medicine and schooling but the colonialism of control and economic rape. The Middle-East however remains a beacon of hope for all the peoples of the world and a fine symbol of rebellion against dictatorship disguised as democracy.

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