Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sarah Palins little trip to the Ionian coast

I've noticed that a visit to Israel has now become customary for any US politician seeking to have the puppet masters hand shoved firmly up their arse (i.e the US presidency)
One has to wonder if the sanction of Jewish state is necessary in order to 'be in charge' of the worlds largest economy and only superpower.

Most people reading this will be aware of the disproportionate influence the Israel-lobby has on US foreign policy and for those of you smart enough to connect the dots between the two will understand that Israel and the kind of people who founded it are in full control of the United States.

The case of libertarian Ron Paul proves this. Dr. Ron Paul stood for the Republican ticket in the 2008 election. Dr. Ron Paul is a man of incredible political knowledge and understanding and a man who managed to find a lot of support from the internet, another man also had the latter but certainly not the former.

Mr Barack Hussein Obama had much the same kind of internet support, the difference between the two men is that Obama is a man without any political insight, very few ideals and a brown nosing approach towards Americas greatest ally Israel (if the US needed Israeli help this alliance may prove itself not so strong)
Ron Paul steered very cleer of this sort of thing and instead favoured looking closer into US interests than in middle eastern ones.

As a result Dr. Pauls campaign was starved of media attention from the get go despite having one of the best funded campaigns of any prospective candidate, Dr.Pauls chances slipped away while Mr.Obama's campaign was given every piece of publicity he could have wished for and eventually he had the presidency itself.
Still I don't hold my breath regarding the tea party band wagon jumpers chances of success, she is the subject of ridicule from left and right. What worries me is we will have another war-mongering 'Dubya' on our hands.

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