Thursday, 2 February 2012

Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-white.

The song below is part of a growing internet phenomena. Spread the mantra: 

I believe it is obvious to anybody who cares to look. Non-white countries are not asked to integrate people of other ethnicities into their population. Only white countries are under attack to become more 'diverse'.
The criminals involved will use all kinds of falsities and anti-white bigotry to justify mass non-white immigration in to Europe, North America and Australia. As we all know, non-white immigrants will do the jobs we will not do (a couple of million in the dole queues in the UK may disagree but they are mostly white and working class, so who cares eh?)
They of course will some how make us a more rounded and better society through unspecified means and in a non-specified way.

In truth the reason is not so simple, the reasons white countries are subjected to non-white immigration and that non-whites are favoured for jobs and portrayed almost always positively in the media and so on is because Marxists hate white people.

The Marxists wish to see a materialistic world where wealth is everything and it's inhabitants live for hedonistic thrills and momentary relief. Such people are easier to manipulate and police, such people will do as they are told and work for free or for very little if they are lucky.
Such people will live in accomodation barely fit for an animal because they have no wage to pay for expensive private housing.

The values of white people conflict entirely with the world the cultural Marxists wish to create.
The nine noble virtues as codified by the Odinic Rite were taken from the The Sigrdrífomál and the The Hávamál from Norse scripture, they are:

Courage, Truth, Honour,
Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality,
Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverence.

How would such values fit in a world where personal responsibility is virtually non-existent, where criminals are just victims of society, where sex is a hobby and free to be engaged in by any who wish, where self-reliance is non-existent and the bulk of the population rely on meagre state handouts to survive and where strangers, even of the same blood are to be treated as strangers and never engaged in conversation, let alone treated well.

The idea of of White people living a noble life and standing up for what is right are abhorent to men  who wish to create a world full of materialistic values and dependence on state organisms. It is time that people saw the truth. Our minds are being groomed for serfdom. Nothing of what I have said is not apparent to us  today, just use your eyes and question what you see, do not waste your curiousity and inquisitivite nature, for those are the gifts that wealthy men wish to remove from the earth.


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