Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Power of Repetition


The above video is one which explains the Mantra, I recommend watching it, for those of you who are unable to watch it and are so far unaware of the mantra I shall repeat it here:

"Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white"

The reason for me re-posting it is only partly for the benefit of the aforementioned people. I also am doing it to illustrate a point. Repetition has a power of itself.

How many times have you seen anti-system political figures or political parties labelled as 'extremists' or 'racists'?

Other terms are used, yet the vocabulary remains fairly small. There is no grey area. You are either part of the system or you are slandered and insulted. If you are not in favour of the governments displacement of white people then YOU ARE A RACIST.

This is used endlessly and it works. I have been called a 'racist' and a 'nazi' countless times as have anybody who has spoken out against White genocide, even WW2 veterans who fought the 'Nazis' during the war!
Anti-System radicals get called it everyday by those who are either ignorant as to the purpose of the words they use or are aware and as such must be malignantly Anti-White.

Therein lies the power that waits for us to tap into it (in truth we already are doing). Repetition is powerful, it brought down the Reds in Eastern Europe, it has brought down countless states opposed to Globalism and it as almost worked against the White race.
The majority of people do not read manifestos, they do not follow intellectual debates and make decisions based on the merits and problems with what they have heard.

The masses remember little but they retain that which catches their notice. Phrases, songs, jingles, All of these things remain in the mind long after the listener has a will to hear them. there are even language programs which use advertising-type jingles and catchy pop songs to help you learn the required words!

The system we are facing has used similar repetition to integrate their ideology into the zeitgeist of our western civilisation. It is part of everyday thought process, it affects the way we think, what we say, what we do.

Ever heard of a non-white racist?

Your first thought may run to the memories of anti white verbal and physical attacks by non-whites which are too numerous to mention. But think over the question again and remember what racism means to the system. Anti-White comments and assaults are not 'racist' by the system's terminology, they are seen as redressing some kind of mythical injustice to which all white people are supposedly accountable and all non-whites, no matter how prosperous or well treated, are victims of.

Nonetheless they can be seen as Racist. if they indirectly or directly oppose white genocide. Racial harmony is not the intent of the system, anti-white genocide is and they stick to their guns regarding 'racial egalitarianism' when it comes to the defenders of the white race.

As an example let's look at a group of non-whites who frequently oppose the mixing of their race in western countries:

Black Nationalists who encourage racial segregation such as Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X have always been considered outside of the system and have been treated as so. In terms of the latter, his message has been watered down to fit the System's lies.

Why has this been done?

Because Black Nationalists oppose the mixing of their race with ours, in other words they are indirectly opposed to the mixing out of the White race and therefore they are enemies of the system. Brother Nathanael, well know to many who read this, is an ethnically Jewish man who converted to Orthodox Christianity, I wholeheartedly recommend looking for him on Youtube, he speaks out against the activities of the organised section of his tribe, often referred to as 'World Jewry'. He is not accepted by the system.

I am saying this for a reason. It is obvious to anybody without an overwhelming naivety that the whole of the system is actively participating in the genocide of white peoples. One such example which played during my typing of this I have featured below.

-WARNING! Anybody with an ounce of decency or intellect may find the following video abhorrent-

The video is an advertisement for a racial attack program against the white inhabitants of a Northern English city called Bradford. The city has a large Pakistani Muslim population. The program is called 'Make Bradford British' and extols the 'need' to consider the Pakistani inhabitants of the town as 'British'.

Are there similar calls to integrate Northern English people into towns in Pakistan?
Are there calls to introduce large quantities of Kenyans to Japan?
Is there mass Arabic immigration to Zimbabwe?

We all know the answers to these questions, all three are identical. There is no concerted effort to integrate the other human races into oblivion. All non-white races are used for all kinds of purposes related to Globalism or killed in it's name, but that is only ever seen as collateral to the enemies of humanity.

They wish to see White people extinct or close to it. What will happen to the other races in the future is anybodys guess. So open up your eyes, it's time to realise, they want genocide!*

For further reading you can follow this link:

*I unfortunately cannot take credit for this catchy line. It was featured in a song I posted recently that has now been inexplicably censored from Youtube (the song violated no rules that I know of) it doesn't take a genius to understand why they removed it, keep repeating the mantra!

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