Monday, 27 February 2012

Mass immigration and ethnic tensions

The EDL march on saturday, beware their leadership
I am in the full belief that mass Immigration to Europe and North America serves two main purposes. The first is to force a change in the demographic make up of white nations, I have talked about this previously. Simply put for those uninitiated, the globalists wish to see the decline and eventual death of the white race.

The second and the reason that concerns this article is to ferment ethnic tension and ethnic conflict between the Native (or colonists in North America) and the non-white immigrants and their decendents. In particular they wish to see conflict between Muslims and the native population. This serves both the first reason I theorised for mass immigration and as a way to destract the rest of the population from the coorruption and malevolence of the government, the media and the financial services industry.

I believe that the state are working with the specific intent of causing hatred against the Islamic settlers here. The EDL, which I believe to be a front for the American Jewish terrorist organisation the Jewish Defence League is a particular tool of the globalists who wish to divide us, recently marched in my nearby town of Hyde in support of a young man badly beaten by a gang of young Muslim thugs. The police response to this was barely adequate and it is merely one in a long series of racially motivated crimes against white people to happen in the area and the wider country to be largely ignored and to have the racial element subdued in press reports.

This is deliberate, in treating immigrant groups with kit gloves, it helps to keep those groups from fearing either the law enforcement agencies or any retaliation from the white community (any such retaliation, even slight is treated as the gravest offence) and thus it perpetuates racial conflict and encourages white people to blame the non-white immigrants for the problems created by their presence and more. As any body politically aware knows, they are not to blame, it is our politicians who offered foreign people the chance of an improved life here and who continue to treat the indigenous community very badly.

It is encouraging to see British people protesting at their treatment, but it is misdirected. The attackers of the young man in Hyde should have been dealt with quickly and the police should certainly step up their efforts against gang violence in the UK, especially those largely composed of ethnic minorites who tend to have a free reign to ruin the lives of their neighbours (see last years riots on the news websites)

I long to see the indigenous people of Britain resist their enslavement, I long to see them direct their energies against the would be perpetrators of our genocide. I welcome non-white settlers to join in the resistance to them also, you pay taxes to, you are also enslaved to an evil financial system.

For Europe to remain British and for the freedom and prosperity of all mankind. The Zionists must be opposed, including those who control of the EDL.


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