Monday, 13 February 2012

Terrorism against the Syrian state.

Elected leader of Syria and pariah of the Marxist internationalists.

It is long overdue but I feel that now is the time for me to comment on the recent happenings in Syria. Today I came across an article on Russia Today, about how the British state are working with the Qataris to supply the Syrian (and probably some foreign) terrorists to attack Bashar Al-Assad's democratically elected government and perpetrate war crimes against Syrian soldiers.

I am personally sickened by the actions of the British government who take the name of my people and muddy it to the eyes of the world. William 'Baldy' Hague even had the nerve to issue a statement condemning the Syrian government whilst in South Africa, a state that turns a blind eye to the murders and rapes of white people within its borders.

The British state is fully under the yoke of shady international interests, most likely emanating from the illegitimate state of Israel (even according to their Torah it is illegitimate!) I fear that this will not change soon enough to prevent Britain's entry into the inevitable middle eastern conflict between Israel's axis of influence and that of Iran.

The situation is clearly working in favour of the Globalists who are seeking a second Libya. Luckily the situation is knowhere near as clear cut. Iran have sent (I believe) 15,000 military personnel into the civil conflict stricken country, thus preventing any immediate western attack on Syria. This affair will prod on, more people will die, honest Syrian folk and the misguided zealots arrayed against them.

But Syrian blood doesn't matter, not to the people who wish to see Syria flattened and it's oil and natural resources harvest. Not to mention the most important reason, to remove a major enemy of Israel. I hope this fairs well for Iran and good for all freedom fighters the world over.

If all else fails, I'm off to Russia.

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