Friday, 3 February 2012


This blog was formed in response to the Arab Spring, in support of it even. I still support those principles to this day, even though some of those revolutions have been usurped by the very powers the protesters and freedom fighters are trying to rid themselves of.

One major protest that I was unfortunately not very active at the inception of (my laptop was still recovering from screen damage) was the 'occupy' movements in America, movements which I personally supported by word of mouth if little else. The 'Occupy' movement though present in much of the world, is a primarily American movement, seeking to restore the principles of freedom of speech, the freedom of self-defence and countless other more technical issues that a lazy intellectual charlatan like myself cannot be minded to remember.

I support these principles as does the man in this video, a man I know personally as a staunch defender of his peoples liberties:

I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe.

Addendum: I would like to add that I had intentions of starting a vlog myself, but technical issues have postponed this. You would think it a difficult thing to break a built-in microphone, if you think it would be, then you should be in awe of my amazing technology destroying abilities-SS

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